You Only Get Wet Once… Off The #Nov100 Mark.

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather…

… just the wrong clothes.  So said Billy Connolly, and so said Clive Chapman too.  They were right.

I was determined to get my Tuesday night ride in this week.  Hitting the 100 miles is going to be very difficult this month so I needed to get started.  The Big Man Upstairs decided to set me a challenge by providing lots of water from the skies.  I made the mistake of showing my indecision earlier in the evening and suffered a barrage of motivational abuse via Facebook.  Thanks, friends, you made me go out.

After a quick tea, I layered up and unlocked the shed.  The beanie that was free with this month’s MBUK was a bonus.  Lights on and head down, off I went.

The autopilot loop through Milnrow and twice around Hollingworth Lake was the chosen route tonight.  The rain prevented me dreaming up anything new.  I came back home on the main roads, as the canal towpath seemed like a very unwise idea, with the slippery cobbles and wet leaves under the bridges.

Just over an hour after setting off, I was dripping quietly onto the floor of my shed with a big smile on my face.  Now I’m showered and warm, whilst my clothes steam gently on the radiators.

The phone GPS tracked less than half a mile of the ride.  Maybe the plastic butty bag I put it in touched the screen in the wrong place, I don’t know.  Anyway, I mapped the ride manually so you can see it here.

Saturday's Muddy Happiness.

Mud = Good. Saturday’s Coating Of Goodness. Tonight, It Was Too Dark For Photos.

Just remember: it’s only water, and you only get wet once.

Join us in the November 100 challenge.  Visit the spreadsheet then email me at the address in the sheet. 🙂

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5 comments on “You Only Get Wet Once… Off The #Nov100 Mark.

  1. Steve

    40 minute run last night. Strangely satisfying in the rain. It’s only water, skin’s waterproof AND breathable 🙂

  2. @phillconnell

    Yes, it was exhilarating I have to say. Although my OH might not agree after I’d dripped all over the front room carpet! 😉

  3. Robin Crampton

    Thanks Phill I am now on the Nov100 list. Your blog has really renewed my enthusiasm for cycling. You know how it is you do something for long enough it gets stale. Its opened up access to so many othe blogs, I really like Clve Chapmans. Its nice to know there is so many of us out there.

  4. Phill

    Welcome aboard Robin! Clive’s blog is great, and not just because he comments on here a lot 😉 We’re lucky to have a great little community on here, so many likeminded people. One of the best things for me is the support given by everyone which really helps me to get out and ride when I otherwise wouldn’t.

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