Spot The Difference Plus #Nov100 Update

November 100 Update

We’re halfway through the month now, and I’m amazed to have seen daily updates being put into the Nov100 spreadsheet.  Three people have already completed more than 100 leisure miles this month, and 23 people have logged some mileage. It’s awe-inspiring stuff, and without it I know I wouldn’t have gone out for 12 miles in the pouring rain a fortnight ago, nor would I be planning to get out into Rochdale’s darkness tonight.

Spare a though for Matt though, who took a tumble on a trip out and mashed his face quite badly.  Get better soon, mate.

Spot The Difference

I’ve not cycled for over a week.  A combination of bad weather (ok, it’s not the weather, it’s me being a big girl’s blouse) and too many things to do has kept me off the bike.

Thankfully though, Wiggle never sleeps.  I spent some money on a bit of bling for the Fat Boy and invested an hour in some minor upgrades.

I’ve got to be honest, that’s £50 I’ll never see again, but the fat Boy does look rather smart with his new accessories 🙂  I’ll review the gear when I’ve had a chance to test in properly on a ride.

So, if you haven’t done this on Twitter already, what differences can you spot?

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5 comments on “Spot The Difference Plus #Nov100 Update

  1. Robin Crampton

    Hi Phil Sorry to hear about the guy who came off his bike and injured his face. I am at least pleased to know I am not the only one to take the over the handlebars route home. You know how it is one minute your cycling along minding your own business the next you are on the floor, in a tangle with bits of your bike. I have a few sore spots this morning, and a little dented pride. The bike came off worse bent rear gear hanger. Note to self must pay more attention, the ground is hard.

  2. Robin Crampton

    On the spot the difference! I’m sure the house next door has lost a window?

  3. Phill

    Robin, not many people will spot the window! 😉 Hope you’re ok and your bike’s still rideable.
    Welsh, ohhhh, close but no cigar. There are two other changes (besides the window).

    Anyone else?

  4. @phillconnell

    First correct entries:
    1. Via twitter a little while back: John Girvin.
    2. Early this morning from Canada, Michelle ( who got them all right, first guess.

    You guys win bragging right and the pride of your own observation skills. If you DM me your addresses, I might even post something! 🙂

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