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Things Achieved

I’ve not been very happy with myself this month. Focusing on the rides, I’m going to be very lucky if I hit 50 miles in the November 100 challenge, which doesn’t make me proud.

However, a quick look at the goals I set way back in January has made me feel much better.

  • With your help, I’ve raised over £500 for Springhill Hospice, a wonderful and necessary place where they looked after my Mum until she left them, and us, in December last year.
  • I completed the Manchester to Blackpool ride, the first time for me in 9 years and a major step in becoming the fitter bloke I want to be.
  • I’ve ridden over 600 miles this year, something which I absolutely know I would never have done without this blog and the support that so many people have given me.

So, now I feel better.

The community which I’ve joined whilst writing this blog has been a massive source of motivation for me.  Cajoling, mickey-taking and gentle but firm pokes in the (virtual) ribs have been extremely necessary.  I’m not self-motivated enough to get the shed door open on these cold nights and without you lot it simply wouldn’t happen.

So I just wanted to say thanks.  You’ve helped me a lot.  Give yourselves a pat on the back. 🙂

My Final 2010 Goal

I’ve not put this into the little box on the right, so I’m putting it here.  I reckon I can force myself to clock up a total of 700 miles in 2010, so I’m publishing that to force myself to try.

God, I hope I do it now.

So… who’s going our for a ride in the next few days?

Spot The Difference Plus #Nov100 Update

November 100 Update

We’re halfway through the month now, and I’m amazed to have seen daily updates being put into the Nov100 spreadsheet.  Three people have already completed more than 100 leisure miles this month, and 23 people have logged some mileage. It’s awe-inspiring stuff, and without it I know I wouldn’t have gone out for 12 miles in the pouring rain a fortnight ago, nor would I be planning to get out into Rochdale’s darkness tonight.

Spare a though for Matt though, who took a tumble on a trip out and mashed his face quite badly.  Get better soon, mate.

Spot The Difference

I’ve not cycled for over a week.  A combination of bad weather (ok, it’s not the weather, it’s me being a big girl’s blouse) and too many things to do has kept me off the bike.

Thankfully though, Wiggle never sleeps.  I spent some money on a bit of bling for the Fat Boy and invested an hour in some minor upgrades.

I’ve got to be honest, that’s £50 I’ll never see again, but the fat Boy does look rather smart with his new accessories 🙂  I’ll review the gear when I’ve had a chance to test in properly on a ride.

So, if you haven’t done this on Twitter already, what differences can you spot?

You Only Get Wet Once… Off The #Nov100 Mark.

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather…

… just the wrong clothes.  So said Billy Connolly, and so said Clive Chapman too.  They were right.

I was determined to get my Tuesday night ride in this week.  Hitting the 100 miles is going to be very difficult this month so I needed to get started.  The Big Man Upstairs decided to set me a challenge by providing lots of water from the skies.  I made the mistake of showing my indecision earlier in the evening and suffered a barrage of motivational abuse via Facebook.  Thanks, friends, you made me go out.

After a quick tea, I layered up and unlocked the shed.  The beanie that was free with this month’s MBUK was a bonus.  Lights on and head down, off I went.

The autopilot loop through Milnrow and twice around Hollingworth Lake was the chosen route tonight.  The rain prevented me dreaming up anything new.  I came back home on the main roads, as the canal towpath seemed like a very unwise idea, with the slippery cobbles and wet leaves under the bridges.

Just over an hour after setting off, I was dripping quietly onto the floor of my shed with a big smile on my face.  Now I’m showered and warm, whilst my clothes steam gently on the radiators.

The phone GPS tracked less than half a mile of the ride.  Maybe the plastic butty bag I put it in touched the screen in the wrong place, I don’t know.  Anyway, I mapped the ride manually so you can see it here.

Saturday's Muddy Happiness.

Mud = Good. Saturday’s Coating Of Goodness. Tonight, It Was Too Dark For Photos.

Just remember: it’s only water, and you only get wet once.

Join us in the November 100 challenge.  Visit the spreadsheet then email me at the address in the sheet. 🙂

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