Woohoo! I Won Wiggle!

And The Winner Is … Me

If, like me, you habitually and/or compulsively keep buying things off’ve the internet, you probably get asked to submit reviews quite a lot.  Recently, the lovely people at Wiggle sent me an email to tell me that if I sent a review for my new bike, they’d enter me in some prize draw or another.  I kinda skipped the “prize draw” stuffed to be honest, thinking that it’d be a good thing to just submit the review as I like to check other people’s reviews on the Wiggle site.

Well, a couple of days ago I got an email from Jason at Wiggle, telling me I’d won a prize.  Woohoo! I was very chuffed indeed.  I phoned the guy up, gave him the usual “I never win anything, I’m so surprised etc. etc.” guff and then emailed a few lines as requested.  The lovely Wiggle people have blogged about it here, as they wanted to make it clear that Wiggle shoppers win Wiggle prizes.

So, I’m looking forward to receiving my lovely new set of lights.  I don’t actually need them, but I’m sure they’ll be used because they’re bound to better than at least one of the 7 sets of lights we’ve already got for our 5 bikes.  Maybe I should run my own “win a set of lights” competition on this newly-renamed Phill’s Irregular Cycles blog.

I won these lights, hurrah!

My shiny new free lights

What do you think?

p.s.  I haven’t hyperlinked Wiggle here, you may have noticed.  If you want to see their site, go to Joby’s splendid Fight Bad Driving site and follow his affiliate link. He needs the money.

p.p.s.  In “Other News“, I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger on an American diet site.  I’ll tell you all about that soon, as I may need to ask for some help…

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12 comments on “Woohoo! I Won Wiggle!

  1. JobySp

    Ah bless. I was going to come and say “there’s a reason they’re free” but then I saw your link so I won’t say that now 🙂

    Congrats mate.

  2. Phill

    Ha ha yes,careful! Don’t blow my prize before it’s even been posted! Kinda nice to win something even if I don’t really need it. 🙂

  3. Les

    Congratulations Phill

    Joby dnt need prizes he has got his £15m from those 2 nice gentlemen lol

  4. lost

    Whoop whoop! Well done matey 🙂

    I’ve done a few reviews for wiggle in the past. I like that they use real peoples reviews and not just the media views

  5. Carrie

    I loves the idea of guest blogging. Am willing to help like. Lights are expensive. 🙂

  6. ridingthemoor

    it depends what you want them for.

    If you want a canal towpath tootle then a 200 lumen light will suffice.

    If you want to turn night into day then you need a big jock-off set of exposure lights.

    It’s about getting the balance right..

    I’m happy with my 400 lumen lamps, but i’d be happier with 900 lumens as it makes a massive difference.

  7. Phill

    Yeah I agree, I have my 200 lumen zoomable thingy for the canal rides. It does its job but only lights up immediately in front of me – but that’s ok for canal towpaths as they’re only just in front of you since canals are nice & straight.
    Riding on wide tracks like Jon does, you need something a bit bigger.
    Carrie, I’ve no idea how the guet blogging thing is going to pan out, but I’ll let you know! ‘Cited.

  8. ridingthemoor

    it’s not just about width though, it’s how quickly you are travelling too..

    I could be on very narrow singletrack and would need additional illumination if I was cycling at a decent pace.

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