Rib Recovery Ride

Stir Crazy After All These Beers

Owing to increasing, recurrent pain in my ribs following a knock at football, I’ve avoided exercise for a couple of weeks.  I’d noticed that the pain was subsiding nicely, which is good, but my energy levels were subsiding too, which is bad news.

On Friday I went out for a meal with my colleagues at San Carlo in Manchester which was beautiful (try the lobster risotto) and retuned home where I had a couple of beers to supplement the mucho vino that had accompanied the meal.  Saturday followed, which consisted of a quiet day in, a Not Poodle for lunch and Phase3 of the Magnolia Replacement Programme (downstairs bathroom painted).  I can’t stand the rain, against my window, bringing back sweet memories, so I became steadily more stir crazy as the day went on.

Saturday evening, therefore, consisted of a pasta meal at Pizza Hut with (guess what?) a beer, then a visit to the Odeon to take in Alice In Wonderland in 3D.

Movie Review, Alice In Wonderland 3D

It’s ok. Not as good as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but worth seeing if you like Tim Burton stuff.

Back To The Point…

By Sunday morning my lethargy was becoming a habit.  Too much food, too many alcoholic beverages, not enough fresh air.  So, we agreed that despite the day’s necessary visiting and a quick trip to Decathlon to eye up SPD shoes (nowt good going), we would get out for a brief ride to see how my ribs would hold out.


I’m chuffed to say that a few gentle miles was just what the doctor ordered.  There has been no pain whatsoever so I reckon I’m good to get a few more miles in before I get back on the treadmill to see how my lungbox responds to some slightly less gentle jigging about.

We rode on the very well appointed bike paths around the shameful white elephant that is Kingsway Business Park.  It took Rochdale 20 years to pass the idea and by the time they’d put the infrastructure into the area, a combination of loss of momentum and a crashing economy has left the place largely empty.  It’s a crying shame and I genuinely hope that business will come to the area when the economy starts to recover.  Rochdale needs the jobs and the access to the site is very good.

Wheeeeee! Like my new top from Decathlon?

Our riding Decathlon advertisement!

But for now, we managed to scoot around traffic-free bike paths savouring the quiet and the views before pootling back along the canalside home.  It was a nice reintroduction to my lovely bike after a few weeks of enforced rest.

New GPS Tracker

I downloaded a new GPS Tracker last week.  So far I’m very happy with the way it works and there’s some free PC software that can be used to compare & score rides, runs and so on by various criteria.  It’s a handy little app for my phone.  But the catch at the moment is that it uses a little text file to store the waypoints so to upload it to MapMyRides I have to go via Google Earth and save the file as a kml, which is a pain in the bum.  I don’t much like Google Earth, so I’d prefer to avoid it.  I’ll keep tinkering and see how I get on.  Anyway, here’s yesterday’s ride – it looks like it’s across fields but that’s just because the paths weren’t built when the Google plane flew over.

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9 comments on “Rib Recovery Ride

  1. Les

    Glad your Rib is not giving you any probs mate

    I went to see Alice In wonderland a couple of weeks ago, I realy enjoyed it but I realy like Jonny Depp thought he was ideal to play the mad hatter

    I now see why u called ure Blog ” Phills irregular Cycles ” coz you have to fit ure cycling in between pints and Vino lol

  2. Phill

    Cheers mate. I agree, Johnny Depp is really good in those roles, but Charlie & The Chocolate Factory shows him off better and made me laugh more.

    I did overdo the alocohol a bit at the weekend, must cut down 🙂

  3. Phill

    Oh bugger. Stockport as it happens. You fancy borrowing an MTB and coming to Gisburn with me and the lads from work? 18th April. Might bung it on blog & twitter, get a few people along if they fancy it.

  4. JobySp

    I only live round the corner from Stockport – shame on you!

    I’m a little bit busy over the next few weeks with rides / trips etc (all will be revealed on blog) so won’t be able to make that date as will be recovering / preparing for next ride but cheers for the offer.

    I will pick up a MTB though and join you on a jaunt or two.

  5. Phill

    OK sounds like a plan, no worries. I reckon if this one goes well we’ll do a few over the summer. It’s the first time we lads from work will have ridden out together. Sell that spare bike of yours and join us!

  6. JobySp

    Spare bike has been sold – unfortunately our overdraft ate up all the money I got 🙁

  7. Phill

    Aw bummer (not you). Still, that is the sensible way to go. Get saving up then buddy! You could borrow my old one bt Jon’s going to murder it. 😉

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