Blog Name Changed

Thank You for the Help

Thank You For My New Blog Name!

Thanks, everyone!

Yesterday I asked you for some ideas for new names for my blog.  You didn’t let me down.  Suggestions flooded in, both good and bad.  Some of the best are listed here:

  • Phill Yer Boots– This is great. Apt, random enough and a pun.  However, it wouldn’t fire up the right AdNoSense links and I didn’t fancy presenting you with a load of Ugg ripoff merchants.  It’s also the name of someone else’s blog. Some bloke who supports Pompey, may God help him.
  • Pi-Phill – Yes, I write a load of piffle. Thanks for that!
  • IrresponsiPhillity– Good pun right there.  Unfortunately made up words are kind of unlikely to result in any SEO or AdNoSense benefits.  When somebody fixes the internet to account for sarcasm and made up words, I’ll change my mind.  Maybe.

So, I’ve plumped for Phills Irregular Cycles.  A quick Google threw up a number of queries about ladies’ issues plus an advert for a bike shop , so I can live with that.  Please don’t pick me up on the missing apostrophe, I know: it’s been dropped purely for url linking purposes.

So, Thank You.  You’ve been a great audience. 🙂

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13 comments on “Blog Name Changed

  1. JobySp

    Ha ha!

    Phill Connell Recommends:
    FAILED << Ha ha
    Police Brutality << Naughty Boy
    My Korean Idol << Pervert

  2. Phill

    Lost, I have no idea what you mean! 😉
    Joby, Yes, I personally recommend those things, I check them all myself. Honest.

  3. ridingthemoor

    or should that be still like, rather than liked. Hmmm like? liked?

    like it is. Yes, i’ll go with like.

    I still like Phill e-Delph fear.

  4. Les

    So does this mean u will only b blogging once a month for 4 or 5 days and a different date every month

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