The Lads Took Me Over The Edge

What A Lovely Way To Spend A Saturday.

On Saturday, Joby and Chris rode up to mine and we went on a ride up Blackstone Edge.  I’ve only ever ridden up there twice before in my life, in 2000 and 2001, on both occasions for charity.  I remember it flooring me the first time, and the 2nd time I had to walk halfway up the damn hill.

Basically, Blackstone Edge is a 3.5 mile ascent from 150m to 390m – and for me on my Focus Fat Boy, it’s bloody hard work.  It was a gorgeous day though, dry and not too hot, so with the encouragement of the lads (and the sight of them disappearing up into the distance) I just kept the granny ring turning all the way up.  I was well chuffed with myself 🙂

Hard Work Done.

We stopped at The White House for lunch.  I had a steak & onion butty, Chris went for chilli and Joby had the biggest sausage you’ve ever seen in your life.  And a cumberland with chips 😉

Following the 3.5 mile climb was a 7.5 mile descent into Hebden Bridge.  Basically, it goes like this:


After finally hitting my 30mph target last week, I hit 33.4mph cruising down lovely wide, smooth, quiet roads collecting flies on my exposed teeth.  I just couldn’t stop grinning.  It’s worth the climb, I can tell you.  The views up there are stunning.

The cuppa stop about 5 miles from home at Gordon Rigg’s in Walsden was probably the nicest tea ever.  I needed that!

I’m chuffed to have, in one ride, got the highest and the fastest since I rekindled my love of cycling.

Thanks Gents!

I had a cracking day.  It’s not lost on me that I only cycled 28.6 miles whilst Joby and Chris rode from their houses to mine before the ride, then home afterwards.  I would say chapeua to them, but Le Tour’s finished now, so:

Hat, lads.

Thanks for a cracking day’s riding 🙂

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19 comments on “The Lads Took Me Over The Edge

  1. John Girvin

    Well done Phill! 5.6Km of 4.2% hill is tough enough, and you didn’t look too wrecked at the top either!

  2. @phillconnell

    Cheers John! I looked a lot more wrecked about a mile further down to be fair! The sight of a nice pub at the top of a big hill does wonders for my little legs.

  3. JobySp

    Was indeed a cracking day and I appreciate the invite – cheers.

    Can’t wait to do it again – this time in my “king of the mountains” jersey.

  4. @phillconnell

    Does that mean Chris has to wear one of those umbrella skirts? I do hope so. I don’t want to turn this into a manly love-in, but you’re welcome – and we will do it again for sure.

    I’ll wear my “sloth of the valleys” jersey!

  5. JobySp

    Actually, was looking at kits today – love the polka dot Bianchi kit 😉

    Though the pink top is quite nice too.

  6. @phillconnell

    I like the Sky kit, but the brown & sky blue’s my fave from Le Tour – whose was that? I’m a bit podgy for pro kit yet though, I’ll stick to baggies for a summer I think, and use the excuse that I ride MTB 😉

  7. Lost

    Sounds like you all had a great ride. Gutted I couldn’t come along, but my knee wouldn’t have been able to cope and time and tide wouldn’t have allowed it anyways 😉

    Massive well done to you though Phill as Blackstone Edge is a toughie – my club has its hill climb championship race on it from the Moorcock to the Whitehouse.

  8. @phillconnell

    I won’t be winning that then! But I reckon Joby could have a go – he fired off way too quickly.

    But thanks! 🙂

  9. Lost

    Quickest anyone in the club has climbed it is ten minutes. And that person has won many many times!

    I reckon Joby would give it a good shot, but Joby is renowned for scampering off the front, so could invariably wilt on the way up 😉

  10. LTMWB

    I can tell you enjoyed being taken over the edge by the lads, well done mate

  11. welshcyclist

    Well done Phil, I’m afraid I shy away from hills a good deal, even though I’ve been riding/commuting now for over 5 years. I live in a valley, here in South Wales, and I’m surrounded by them, not the best place to live for a scaredofhillsphobia sufferer, like myself, I know.

  12. Phill

    You have my sympathy. it’s not an accident that, despite living in the foothills of the Pennines, I chose a house by a canal towpath! 🙂

  13. jobysp

    Hills are good.
    They give you a good cardio work out – and the more you do them, the easier they become.


  14. AdrianW

    Looks like you had a great time, next time you do it I’ll try and join you, maybe try Blackstone Edge old road next time at the start, it gets the heart going…

  15. Phill

    Clive, yeah yeah, I know! 🙂
    Adrian, Sounds like a plan! We’re toying with 3 weeks this Sat if you’re around…

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