That’s Another Lovely Evening. #July150 completed.

Just a brief post today, because I’ve not done anything special, except in my own little mind.

Woohoo! I Finished The July150!

I knew I had about 12 miles left to finish the July150 challenge, and that I might not get out on the bike again until Sunday (the 1st of August), so my Tuesday night autopilot loop would have to be half a mile longer than usual.

Also, I still haven’t pulled the slicks off the Fat Boy, so after the bit of rain we’d had I stuck to the roads .  I did my usual route up to Hollingworth Lake and it was dry enough to do a loop o’t’Lake too.  Half way round, I was faced with this view so my aim of keeping the average speed over 12mph was discarded while I took a couple of photos.

I dropped into Littleborough then took the main roads back towards Rochdale and home.  When I arrived, I noticed that I’d only done a shade over 10 miles so I did something that only the July150 can be blamed for: I took the path between Firgrove Playing Fields and set off for a quick loop to Milnrow and back.

The loop was partly along a narrow grassy track, but I thought I’d be ok as the rest of the ride had been nice & grippy.  Not so!  I was like Bambi on ice, sliding all over the place in my granny ring, seemingly covering as much ground sideways as forwards!  I really must get those slicks off.

Arriving home a second time, I’d amassed enough miles to hang up my bike for a few days and grin quietly to myself at covering 150 miles in the month.  This would never have happened without some of you lot spurring me on, so thanks a lot.  I love you all.  But not in that way. 🙂

Are you lot up for an #August150 ?

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11 comments on “That’s Another Lovely Evening. #July150 completed.

  1. @phillconnell

    Whoop indeed Clive!

    I reckon I’ll make it an August 150 but I’ll try to do 200 myself. Not that it makes any difference to you John, you and your 1,000 miles, you nutter.

  2. PhilR

    Excellent Phill, well done. I’m hoping to get mine done in the next couple of days 😀

    I’m well up for an #August150, I’m off work for 2 weeks at the end of August but one of those weeks I’m away and the other we’ll probably do day trips so I may have to crack it early (and yet I’m still saying I’ll go for it, bloody hell!! 😉 )

    Some lovely photos there, I went up the coast yesterday for that same “this is why I ride” feeling.

    You do realise you’re gonna be stuck with spreadsheet duties from now on don’t you, even if there’s no official challenge I’m sure we’ll still want to see how we stack against everyone else throughout the month 😉

  3. @phillconnell

    Yeah Phil, I’m growing to realise that I might be the spreadsheet guardian, but I’m happy with that. To be honest, ti really helps me to keep going. But please be kind during the first couple of weeks in August, when I might be a bit AWOL on my jollies. Let’s hope there are less technical issues this month! 🙂

    In time, I might get some genius to develop an idiot proof site for logging our miles. Simple though, not a MapMyRideRunSaturdayGarminConnectWishItWas or anything. You know what they say though, as soon as you invent something idiot proof, somebody invents a better idiot.

  4. Toby Field

    Well it looks like I will probably not get enough miles in for the #july150 but I’m up for another go with the #august150. My Ribs are almost healed and have no pain from them when cycling. I’m away the first week of August but I reckon it’s doable.

  5. Phill

    I think we might have a goer! I sympathise with the Ribs Toby, it wasn’t long ago I had exactly the same problem. Hang in there and don’t do anything daft.

  6. Stout

    Congrats on the completion! I say you take the average of the people that actually participated in the July 150 (there are a few 0 milers) and make that the number of miles for August. That way we all keep pushing ourselves.

  7. Phill

    Ooh, controversial! With people like Mr Berry, that could make it tricky! I’ll have to look at that idea though!

  8. LTMWB

    Well done Phill, the June 100 July 150 has made us all get of our arses and cycle, well John The Legend Berry doesn’t need any encouragement 🙂

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