A to Z Playlist

It’s Not My Fault. They Made Me Do It.

For the following, blame Joby and Anna Banananana.  I didn’t want to do it, but they made me.  I’ve hated every minute of doing this.

I’m a liar.  It’s bloody brilliant and you should try it.

My A to Z Playlist.

I set myself a little rule: all tracks listed have to be in my collection.  I broke it once – the Frank Zappa track isn’t, but I sing it to myself regularly so it’s allowed in.  And now I’ve listed it, I’ll buy the track anyway.

Alkaline Trio – Time to waste
Beastie Boys – Skills to pay the bills (Biffy Clyro & Busted came close)
Cud – I’ve had it with blondes (containing the perfect lyric “I was a teenage stamp collector: I’d lay on my back and youd stamp on my face”)
Deftones – My own summer (Shove it)
Elbow – The bones of you
Foo Fighters – Monkey wrench (the best pop song ever written. Fact)
Gene – Olympian
Hyper – We control
Iron Maiden – Run to the hills
Jesus Jones – Info freako
Kings of Leon – Fans (pipped KLF to the post)
Led Zeppelin – Ramble on (the best Foo Fighters encore ever with Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones brought on stage, Taylor on lead vocal and Dave Grohl on drums, 2009 at Wembley with Number One Son – memories are made of this)
Muse – Hysteria (the finest, most relentless, driving bass riff ever. Ever. Also awesome live. Their “Unnatural selection” comes close though)
N.E.R.D. – Lapdance (it was so hard not put a Nirvana track in)
Ok Go – Invincible
Pendulum – Showdown
Queens Of The Stone Age – Go with the flow (another Dave Grohl on drums classic)
Radiohead – High and dry
Senseless Things – Homophobic asshole
Teenage Fanclub – Star sign (try it, it’s lovely)
U -(I don’t have any tunes by artists beginning with U.  I must rectify this)
Velvet Revolver – Slither
Wedding Present – Take me (way overlong jangly brilliance by the Gedge)
X-Ecutioners – It’s going down
Yes – I’ve seen all good people
Frank Zappa – Beauty knows no pain
It’s a bit early-to-mid-90’s-centric, but then so am I.  I was a stooodent in ’88 to ’92 before enjoying a growing social life with a proper job and some money through the 90’s.  Deal with it.
Any comments? 🙂

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6 comments on “A to Z Playlist

  1. JobySp

    OK Go and Pendulum 😉 Excellent choices.

    Perhaps you should go onto audionet.tuneglue.com (thanks @6T8) and waste some precious time…

    Oh… Wait…

  2. Lost

    And there you were whining at me and Joby bout making the list, tsk tsk 😉

    Tis a good un too. Again, quite a few toons i haven’t heard of, bit like Joby’s list, but a good mix of genres 🙂

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