The #June100 Cycling Challenge — Is Go !

What Is The June100 Cycling Challenge?

The #June100 is a fun cycling challenge.  It was conceived to motivate me to get on my bike more, since my furthest month so far this year is 53.3 miles over 6 rides in May.  It’s a shared challenge with aim of helping us all get fitter, faster, not fatter and on the bike when we don’t have to, more than we normally would.  It’s a simple way to record the leisure miles in the month of June 2010, with an initial target of 100 miles – that’s only 3.33 recurring miles per day!

Why Only Leisure Miles?

I know some of you cycle to work.  I doff my cap to you, I really do.  You’re heroes.  There … feel better now?  Goood.  But commuting doesn’t count here.

The #June100 Challenge is designed to get us all on our bikes for leisure more often.  Commuting is a fantastic benefit to the world, but get out and enjoy your leisure time a bit more on the bike – rides when the kids are in bed; rides with the kids; finding the long way home (yes you can claim non-commuting detours); crawling out of bed early on the days off… that’s what this is about.

And besides:   My Game – My Rules 😉

How Does It Work?  How Do I Join?

  1. Fill in the form on my last blog entry.
  2. I’ll send you an invitation to the Official June100 Spreadsheet on Google docs.
  3. Complete your mileage and let us know where we can check your rides to date – this might be your GPS tracking site, your own blog or something similar
  4. Don’t forget to save your changes – and don’t kill the spreadsheet!

So far, we’ve got 16 fools  (ahemsuperstars who’ve pledged to join in the challenge.  It’s not too late though, retweet this blog article, tell your friends, get some more gullible idiots (ahemheroes to join us!

How Will We Keep Each Other Going?

Of course I’ll post progress on this blog.  More regularly and haphazardly, though, there’s the #June100 hashtag on Twitter if you use it.

I’ve started a Twitter Group too, so put your twitter address in the comments below to join it, or send me a tweet with “#June100” in it to @phillconnell (you might have to request my friendship first, I’m quite picky about who I tweet with!).

What Now?

Just join up, get your kit on, get your bike out and ride!  Have fun everyone. 🙂

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66 comments on “The #June100 Cycling Challenge — Is Go !

  1. Phill

    Adrian, thank you for your enquiry. Your call is important to us. 😉
    (a) Yes.
    (b) No.
    (c) No, I refer you to (b) above.

    But sign up anyway!

  2. Christine

    Hi. Dolores and I were wondering how I can track my miles. I thought about an A-Z of the area and a piece of string. You are such cool dudes and I’m not.

    Seriously though; anyone got any cheap but effective ideas?

  3. Phill

    Try this link. If you create an account (it’s free) you can click dots to map out where you’ve been without spending ££’s on GPS trackers. Or of you want to spend a few quid (say £50 or more) there are lots of choices. But try the link first:

  4. Austin

    Joby, Phil,

    Ive told you before… DRIVING a route then putting it into map myride when you get home DOESNT count as cycling.

  5. Christine

    lol you lot are funny. I shall browse the sites you suggest.

  6. Chris

    I am only using a trundle wheel for my commutes. It clips nicely to the child seat.

  7. Phill

    I have to drive really slowly so people will believe my unbelievably slow cycling speeds. Did I say that out loud?

  8. Phill

    I understand that MapMyRide are going to port everything to the beta site at some point – it does look very good. At the mo I’ve got too much on the old site to move it manually so I hope they migrate properly.

  9. @ridingthemoor

    ere, phill what’s going on with the sorting (or lack of) on the google spreadsheet? I thought it was sorting by leisure miles then name?

  10. PhilR

    6 days in and I finally get a step up on the leisure miles, woo 🙂 Mind you it’s interesting to log my work miles, didn’t realise I did so many 🙂

  11. Phill

    It does sort my leisure; then commute; then surname – when I sort it! Been doing too much boozing this weekend… will do it before the working week kicks off.

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