Not a bad start.

First of all – Thanks.

The #June100 challenge seems to have got off to good start.  Thanks to everyone who’s joined, plus those good good people who promoted the idea around their friends and across the information superhighway.  John Girvin, for example, and Carrie.  If I’ve missed you, I’m sorry, and thank you too.

One day in, we’ve got 3 leisure rides logged and over 39 leisure miles amassed.  There are also over 80 miles of commuting on the spreadsheet already.  I’ll blog proper weekly updates here, but if you’d like to join, see yesterday’s blog post and join today. 🙂

Last Night’s Ride

I pedalled out last night for a quick 45 minute 9 miler, interrupted by a 25 minute tea break.  I really need to put more milk in next time…

Conditions were a bit murky, but warm and I managed to average just over 12mph.  The route took me on offroad paths to Milnrow central, then along Wildhouse Lane to Hollingworth Lake before a lake circuit, cuppa break then down to the canal for the rest of the ride home along the towpath.

The ride was lovely, but I couldn’t fail to notice the smile-per-pedestrian ratio was very low last night.  I wonder if it was because I was travelling a bit faster than usual, or because I didn’t have N1S with me?  Either way, cheer up, trail walkers of Rochdale!  Needless to say, all the cyclists I passed were courteous as always – to me, anyway.

Here’s the route and mileage:

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68 comments on “Not a bad start.

  1. Christine

    Joby, I hope you are not suggesting that being a woman is in anyway inferior! Shame on you.

    I’ll give you the over-weight though. 🙂

    Phil, you are clearly a top guy. I hope I stay a top lady; by which I mean staying on top of the saddle and not hanging down from it by one leg in exhaustion by the first bend. I can’t tell you how much my bike (she’s called Dolores) and I are looking forward to starting this.

    btw lads, in my book you are not a serious cyclist until your bike has a pet name and you’re not ashamed to admit it.

  2. Phill

    My bike’s a boy. Only because it’s called a Fat Boy. Otherwise it’d be called Maureen, but maybe I’ll call him Geoff. Hmmmm…

    And you might have noticed that I’m not exactly piling the miles up either 😉

  3. @JobySp

    Yup, Carries right… 90 miles up Holmfirth would kill me, literally, as I am also a middle aged, once overweight woman 😉

    Now, if I had some country lanes – I’d be happy 🙂

  4. @JobySp

    As for suggesting inferior – far from it. I’m just giving Phill the excuse for coming last so he doesn’t have to think one up 🙂

    I know Carrie will beast me on miles this month by about 200 – but thats life 🙂

  5. @ridingthemoor

    By the time i’d eaten last night there was no opportunity to ride. I’ll make up for it tonight (hopefully)

  6. Phill

    Riding, Yeah, it happens, you’ll be clawing your rightful position back in no time, I know it and I’m staring at your mileage like a rabbit in the headlights.

  7. Clive Chapman

    Naming your Bike!!!!!!?????????

    FFS that’s just wrong…and particularly girly too…

    I’ve called mine (originally I hasten to add), Ridgeback, Marin and Giant.

    Thankfully they already had names when I got them though.

    Oh and my route tomorrow could be quite epic, but I’ll have to get up at really stupid O’Clock to do it… 🙁

  8. carrie

    Im beasting no one this month. I took the first week off, that’s how sporting I am.

  9. Austin

    Clive: you HAVE to name your bike.

    Carrie: Im taking next week off.. thats how sporting I am.

  10. Phill

    To be fair, I usually call my bike “The Fat Boy”. Does the prefix “The” mean it’s not a name, really? I only have one bike, poor soul that I am. I gave my cast-off bike to Riding, making that “the other slightly knackered mountain bike” under his naming convention.

    I have work to do. Why am I even paying attention to this?

  11. @ridingthemoor

    so you like to go out and ride on a fat boy? hmmm!

    Actually, under my naming convention it’s currently ‘the frame and forks’ 😀

  12. Phill

    No Joby, it’s the roadie I’m thinking of buying that’s called “the frame & forks”. Riding‘s bike from me is called “the saddleless MTB” or alternatively “Fun bike”.

  13. @ridingthemoor

    No it has a saddle now as I got a new one for my mountain bike. But having used the slicks from it for the OTE ride. It’s currently in the shed as frame and forks. Wheels are in the garage!

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