Norfolk & Fun.

Sorry about the brief hiatus.  I’ve been away and not blogging, on account of living in a field and all that.

Sandringham Sunshine

While the North West enjoyed the weather that it’s famous for (i.e. bobbins), we headed to Norfolk, to camp within the grounds of Sandringham, where the Royal family spend 10 weeks each year and eat their Christmas dinner together.  To sum up the week in one sentence, it was sunny; relaxed; idyllic; woody; tasty; splashy; barbecuey; pretty and fun.

The #August150 Update

As I write, 40 people are featured on the August150 spreadsheet.  8 have already finished, another 3 have done more than two-thirds of the miles and 29 people have logged some miles.  If you want to join in, let me know and I’ll tell you how.  Basically, I need the email address you use for Google, and you’re in!

Personally, my Norfolk week didn’t go well in August 150 terms.  We only got one ride out really, aside from a couple of trips to the shop.  On the day we’d planned a good explore, N1S’s bike inexplicable exploded whilst leaning against a fence.  On closer inspection, it seems I’d pumped the tyre up too hard and an errant spoke was causing a stress point against the rim.  When he’d done a little lap around the site, the warmth and pressure had got up and then the tyre simply went “BANG! PFFFFT!” once the bike was rested.  Grrrr.  One failed repair and a trip to Halfords later, the bike was ok but our time was gone.

We did get a ride along NCN Route 1 later in the week though.  It’s gorgeous.  It got me thinking: We’ve rode along NCN1 now, and I live on NCN66 – that leaves 64 routes.  Too many.  So I might look into which routes I could travel to within a day from mine and try to tick a bunch of those off – what d’you think?  Speaking of canals (I know I wasn’t but NCN66 is along Rochdale Canal a good slug of the way), have you seen LouLouK’s blog about her ride along the Leeds-Liverpool canal?  You should – it’s an inspiration to anyone who thinks they might not be able to get some big riding done.

Holiday Diabetes

Just a brief note here.  In the past, I’ve had some crashing hypos whilst on holiday.  The trouble with Type 1 diabetes is that I tend to dose myself up with the same amount of insulin most days, but on holiday you do loads more exercise by stealth.  By stealth, I mean that you don’t realise.

Then what happens is that you wake up at night with crazily low blood sugars, doing weird things and amusing/terrifying your loved ones.  Well, I’ve found the secret: test more!  By taking my glucose monitor and simply doing the finger prick tests more often, I was able to avoid any silly hypos this holiday.  In fact, my only low was on the last day, when packing up took us way past lunchtime.  A quick Cadbury’s Twirl and I was back on track!  Sorted 🙂  Feel better, go longer, be safer, test more.

That’s all for today, save these few photos of our lovely break.

I’m hoping to get out for a ride with Jon tomorrow evening, so I might make a start on some proper miles at long last – maybe too late for the August 150, but fingers crossed I might just do it!

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19 comments on “Norfolk & Fun.

  1. Ian...

    Hiya Phill,

    Looks like you had a great time. We haven’t camped beyond our back garden for the last couple of years lol Our dome tent isn’t big enough for four of us, though our eldest is always nagging to go, so might have to do something about it next year.

    Was it Camping & Caravan Clubs site you used?

    P.S: Nice to read you did well with the diabetes :>)

  2. Phill

    Yes Ian, we used Camping & Caravanning Club sites, the membership’s just under £40 a year I think, but you can guarantee a good standard of site and not being squished in like sardines. And you get a monthly magazine with David Bellamy in it (what more could you possibly ask for?).

    You can pick up a good 5-or-6-person tent this time for less than £200 from somewhere like Go Outdoors. Do it! You’ll never look back.

    Cheers on the diabetes, it was a relief 🙂

  3. carrie

    I lent our 5 man dome tent to a friend who somehow managed to get it nicked! I loves a good camping trip. 🙂

    Phill, don’t panic about the August 150. I’m struggling this month too. 😀

  4. Lou

    I just saw this (been crap at keeping up with my RSS feeds) – you’ll do it. And if you don’t, it doesn’t really matter because a weeks holiday obsessing over the miles you weren’t doing wouldn’t be a holiday really? You had a cool chilled week. The 150 rocks but without riding along a canal for an amount of hours, I’d never have done it.
    And it was flat. :O) I still think it’s cheating.

  5. Phill

    Carrie, how the hell did someone get a 5 man tent nicked?

    Lou, It’s not cheating. I bought a house next to a canal because it’s flat 🙂 I was very surprised when I got up Blackstone Edge without stopping a few weeks back – although I was verrrry slow.

  6. Lou

    Okay, that makes me slightly better :O) I have my own nemesis – the hill at Llandegla. Just once I want to get to the top without stopping :)The day it happens, they’ll here the shouts of glee in Bristol, I swear.

  7. PhilR

    Sounds like a brilliant time and you’re not the only one lacking #August150 miles, seems to be a few of us by the sounds of things.

    You’ve had me on ebay since seeing your photos trying to replace our tent 😉

  8. @phillconnell

    Aweseom Phil, then my work here is done! You know it makes sense. Anyone else, there are lovely camping & tent (and a couple of cycling) photos on Farcebook if you want to look me up 😉

  9. Adrian

    Nice holiday & good to hear the Type 1 is stable. I have a feeling my docs will “upgrade” me to Type 1 when I see them in October. Should have been August but they cancelled twice. Cant seem to get below 9 🙁

  10. @phillconnell

    I’m not sure the idea of a “diabetic upgrade” is a good one 😉 I have to say that insulin does give more flexibility than tablets & diet, although of course I’ve never had the option so I base my opinion on some Type 2 friends. If you’re struggling, I’d go for insuline and never look back if I were you.

  11. JobySp

    No no no.

    My daughter has her red belt grading at 12 noon otherwise I would have done it!

  12. Clive Chapman

    Nice hols mate! Love camping, just a bit difficult with the Spawn of Satan at the moment. Looking forward to some semblence of control over the little bugger so we can start again! 🙂

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