The Nearly Man (#June100 Jealousy)

Nearly Is Nowhere.


I’d planned to complete my #June100 on Tuesday, by hitting a nice 15 mile ride on a Tuesday: an evening where our home routines usually allow me plenty of free time.  It didn’t happen.

Working late (both the OH and myself); shopping; brownies… each of these things conspired to make our evening meal fairly late and as a consequence my ride simply didn’t happen.  I sulked for a couple of hours like a spoiled kid.  This is the negative aspect of being positively motivated to ride, I suppose 🙁


I had half a day off to watch some football team with the lads from work.  We watched our national team’s long-overdue reasonable performance at the place where we also play 5-A-Side each Wednesday.  The half day holiday gave me the chance to get home, get changed and get the Fat Boy out.

It’s less than 2 miles to Soccer Village from home.  Hardly enough to get me the 15 I needed.  Nevertheless I headed out there and tucked my bike behind the bar while we watched the match.  After the game on the telly, we had a proper game on the pitch and (as usual) my legs weren’t worked very hard.  I’m a lazy sonofabitch.

So…. I took the long way home, treading the fine line between accruing mileage and missing my tea.  Two laps of Hollingworth Lake, back home then an extra little lap by the brook to Milnrow and alongside Firgrove playing fields, until my time ran out.

The Ride Showing Speed via Google Earth

The Ride Showing Speed via Google Earth

I was moaning last week about not being able to hit the 30mph mark on the run down from t’Lake to the canal, if you remember…


#June100 mileage:  97.26 🙁
Max. Speed:              29.7 mph 🙁

Despite the miles on a very pleasant afternoon, and a decent result (at last) for the boys in South Africa, I was left unsatisfied.

Ah well, at least I know I’ll hit the 100 on my next ride out, unless I have a Jon-style broken bike/self incident! 🙂  Probably Saturday. Meh.

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17 comments on “The Nearly Man (#June100 Jealousy)

  1. PhilR

    I find I struggle evenings to get out and about due to different things cropping up, hoping this weekend to get out and do more miles and get me close enough to the 100 that I can sneak a few short ones to make it, not looking good with England now playing Sunday afternoon.
    However I am (up to now) off on Monday so a day to myself may get me a good few miles in 🙂

  2. Phill

    I’m in a similar boat. I’m Dad’s taxi tonight so I’ve got no chance. I have the day to myself on Saturday so(DIY to-do list allowing) I should top the 100 on the day.

    Enjoy Monday! 🙂

  3. Clive Chapman

    I would never pedal after I get in from from work, I know how lazy I am. It’s commuting or weekend pedals only. I can feel your pain.

    Could you commute by bike Phil? Obviously in a Clive type way and not a Joby type way… 😉

  4. @phillconnell

    Realised last night that I’m not free tomorrow at all – babysitting 🙁 ANd I’m the Avon lady tonight 🙁 Gah!!

    If I can get the Avon punched in early tonight, I’m off! Bloody 2.74 miles, got to get them done.

    Keep pushing the applications out sir… Good luck!

  5. @phillconnell

    In theory Clive, I could but I wear a suit and get a car allowance so it’s not a good idea for me to commute by bike. I have the nergy at home in the evenings, but not the time usually. Tuesday is my best night for a run out, but knowing that Sat’s out this week, I need to push for a few Friday night miles after my Avon secretarial duties 😉

  6. Clive Chapman

    I know all about suited and booted, that’s when I have to go by car. 🙁

    I just realised I deprived you of an L in my post above. Sorry PhilL! 🙂

  7. @JobySp

    I work in shirt and ties every day but Friday – I still cycle.

    Thats what backpacks, Panniers and coathangers where invented for 😉

    Stop giving him excuses Clive.

  8. @phillconnell

    Cheers Clive, it didn’t go unnoticed but I’m not always too stroppy about it 😉

    It’s a bit of a pain always having the suit on to be honest. I’m only about 5 miles from work, I could ride it easily. But they pay for my car so of course it has to stay available for work. I could ride on Fridays but that’s the one day I take my little girl to school, about 15 miles round trip once I’ve gone there and come all the way back to work. Typical!

  9. @phillconnell

    Joby, stop bullying me 😉 I’m a bit OCD about my creases and deodorant. But I should still go out on Friday lunchtimes, I’d have done that 2.74 miles easily today. Grrrr.

  10. @JobySp

    Here. Drive into work on Monday with car and bike. Leave suit and clean clothes at work for Tue, Wed, Thur and Fri. Bike home then to and from work til Friday.

    Friday evening, drive back home.


    Car at work, and suits and stuff.

  11. @phillconnell

    If only. Fails on the “car for family” front and we have no room for stuff at work, it’s only a cosy office for 30 people. Also the ironing fairy can be a bit erratic 😉

  12. Matt

    So close! did you make it out last night?

    I have my last 70 odd miles planned and Im on target to make the 100!

    It really has been rather good fun, do I see #July100 or even #July150 on the horizon?

  13. Phill

    YAAAY! I got out last night for 9.9 miles after a big feed down at the local carvery. I’d never have gone out before the #June100 but an hour and a beautiful sunset sorted me out.

    I’m WELL chuffed! Blog post to come, when I’ve got my Satursday chores out of the way!

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