Almost There – #June100 Miles

15 Miles To Go!

On Saturday, it was a bit gloomy and cooler than recently, but N1S and I threw an extra layer on and headed our for a lovely loop.  For once, we stayed away from t’Lake and headed South.  We used the cut through Firgrove playing fields to get to Milnrow, then ducked down Buckley Lane to play around on the empty cycle paths of Kingsway Business Park (which is still largely empty thanks to a global recession and crappy local Government).

From there we joined the canal and headed to Castleton.  Surprisingly, some holidaymakers were negotiating the lock on their barge, which made for a nice photo-opportunity.  N1S helped them with the lock gates and then off we went, leaving the canal at Stakehill and starting the climb up Thornham Lane.  Most of the way up there is a little pub called “The Tandle Hill Tavern” where apparently the landlady is only 20 years old.  Well, regardless of her tender years she did a good job of presenting us with 2 cokes (diet for me) and 2 bags of mini cheddars.

Up and over Thornham Lane we went, before realising we were running short of time and deciding to take the most direct route back to the canal and home.

Just over 13 miles and a couple of very pleasant hours bonding with my boy:   Sweet.

Fathers’ Day Bonus

As an added highlight, my kids bought me the Banksy book.  It’s a tenner at HMV and you should buy it.  Very beautiful graffiti, and very though-provoking commentary.

My kids are way too cool 🙂

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9 comments on “Almost There – #June100 Miles

  1. Lost

    Well done you and no1 son! You’ve done brilliantly!

    I’m aiming to get as close to 100 miles as near as damn it 😉
    I have some other rides to plot on ridewithgps and googledocs, so although my mileage still looks like a paltry 9.whatever it is actually higher than that. Honest 🙂

  2. @JobySp

    Meet me after footy tonight and I’ll cycle back with you – that’ll get you your 15 miles.

  3. @phillconnell

    I’ve got an opportunity tomorrow night to get the 100 in, but I might nip out for a warmer tonight. I’m knackered so it might perk me up a bit!

  4. Phill

    Might be worth pursuing mate, even if we just meet halfway someday for a brew, chat, few miles then back to our respective homes. Cheers mate.

  5. @JobySp

    Its just dawned on me that your GPS track looks a little like K9 out of Doctor Who

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