Yaay! #June100 Completed

Thank You!

Two remarkable things happened the other night.

  1. I went for a ride after a carvery meal out;
  2. I completed the #June100 challenge, doing my first 100 mile month in, probably, EVER.

It was Friday evening and I’d given up hope of getting any cycling done.  I had Avon orders to submit, we were late home from work and my OH’s Dad was moving home.  Not an auspicious outlook for the day’s riding.

But, things went a bit better than that.  We realised I could put the Avon order in on Saturday; the home moving had gone extremely well; and we decided to go for a local carvery meal rather than cook at home.

The 3 M’s: Motivation, Meat and Momentum.

A plateful of beef, turkey, gammon and all the trimmings is usually a signal for the evening to end.  Add to this a pint of San Miguel and normally you’d have two hopes of getting me to exercise – and one of those would be Bob.

But… the June100 had other ideas!  I knew I was only 2.74 miles short of target and it was a beautiful evening.  So when we got home, bellies full, I filled my drinks bottle, got the shed key and gritted my teeth.  I was going to do it.

As you can see, I did it… and it was a fantastic evening ride, just in time to see a stunningly beautiful sunset over Hollingworth Lake.  The phone’s camera doesn’t do it full justice, but I still love this photo and I’ll always remember it as the one I took after completing the June100 challenge.

What Next?

It’s been a great month for me and it’s not quite over yet. Last night, I put the new slicks onto the Focus Fat Boy ready for this Sunday’s Manchester to Blackpool bike ride.  Tonight I’m hoping to give them a quick blast out on the roads just to make sure I’m not going to get any pinch flats when I put a few miles in.

The difference in rolling speed will be interesting too – I’m hoping I can get past the magical 30mph mark on the way back down into Littleborough from t’Lake this time!

After tonight’s ride, the June100 will be over for me, so I’d like to thank all those who’ve kept me going over the last few weeks.  It’s been emotional and I’m amazed how many have stuck it out, motivating me (and hopefully everyone else) through the challenge.  22 out of 31 riders have already done it, and I think more will finish over the next 2 nights.

Thank you all.  I love you (though not in the biblical sense, and I don’t want your babies) and you’ve been a massive help.

Now, about this #July150…. ! 🙂

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33 comments on “Yaay! #June100 Completed

  1. @JobySp

    I hate june100

    Saying that – that picture of the sunset – awesome!

    I would have stayed there in one place and enjoyed that until the sun went down.

  2. Phill

    I hung around and took 2 photos before heading off away from the sunset. Into it would’ve been more poetic but in the wrong direction! It was lovely though, especially as I’d just gone over the June100 target.

    Chuffed 🙂

  3. @phillconnell

    Ha ha quite. Thanks John. Maybe I should try to be better than 21st to finish my own challenge next time – although I wouldn’t have done it at all without the push I got from the constant spreadsheet update notifications.

  4. @phillconnell

    Clive, cheers! You too. I’ve really enjoyed it.

    Carrie, it’s almost sorted, but the month’s still only almost over so there’s time yet (for me to think about it and pull my finger out!). Anyway, until I’m on your blog roll you’re getting nothing, lady.

  5. PhilR

    Excellent stuff, well done 😀 That sunset is fantastic, when I tweeted that I’d past the 100 I was staring at the back end of a combine harvester, doesn’t quite feel the same 🙂

    And yes about this #July150…

    Oh and how do you do the Google Maps pic with the stats?

  6. Phill

    Ha ha, I was lucky with the view.

    As regards the Google Pic, it’s a Google Earth export from SatSports, which I use to track on my Windows Mobile phone. John Girvin’s sussed it from RunKeeper too I believe. But in brief, it’s a Google Earth view, I can display Speed, Distance, Altitude tracks and POIs like mileage points or (as I do here) start, end, fastest, highest, lowest.

    For the image, I just do a “print screen” then put it through GIMP (freeware photoshaop lookalikey) to make a jpeg.

    God, I never realised I did so much! 😉

  7. PhilR

    Ah, cool, was hoping it was something possible from iMapMyRide on the iPhone though 🙂

  8. @phillconnell

    I bet you can save as a kml or kmz and import to Google Earth, or something…I’d ask John Girv, he’s the evil tech genius around these parts.

  9. PhilR

    Didn’t realise it was as ‘easy’ as that :)On your ‘My Rides’ page when all your rides are listed under the actions column you have
    print |edit | tell-a-friend | kml | del
    So yes you can export to kml, now just need to figure out how to import to google earth 🙂

  10. Lost

    July150? Go for it – I’m doing the mcr-bpl and hopefully back again on sunday, so that distance will be done in one day 😉

  11. PhilR

    OK, bit of a downer, only distance shows, no speeds or heights or anything else. Will need to research more, ta for the starter 🙂

  12. jobysp

    Phil, can you download / export as GPX / TCX or anything like that?

    If so, create an account on Garmin and then import them and you’ll have all the elevation data and stuff.

    Or, send me a copy of the KML file and I’ll see if I can fiddle around with it to get it working.

  13. Lost

    Btw, i’ve still not been able to update the googledoc yet, so i still look like i’ve done sod all on there! Twill be done crap, so I’m afraid you’ll be dropping down a level. Sorry 😉

  14. Phill

    Phil, try a kmz file if you can get one, should hold more data, height etc.

    John, erm, let me think about that…

    No! 🙂

  15. PhilR

    MotionX-GPS will record all the detail and then email details including a KMZ file and also a standard GPX file which can then be imported into MapMyRide. So this may satisfy the geeky need for extra stats and still keep the stuff in MapMyRide as I do like the way it keeps it all together. Will do a short test ride and export/import tomorrow. 😀

  16. @ridingthemoor

    Its been a great experience for me too. It’s my best month ever too. Nowhere near the ubercyclists that entered the June100,but still I think it is a big result for us!

    Looking forward to the Manchester Blackpool and hope it kickstarts the July150 (ahem)

    1 more day to go….

  17. Phill

    It’s been cracking. I will sort out the July150 but have a busy few days at work in prospect. Hopefully I can get a “round up” blog post wrtiien; a new spreadsheet organised… a sign-up form etc. Sheesh. Then you guys will spread it around a bit, I hope!

    It’s worth it though – the motivation of a bit of friendly peer pressure has been exactly what I needed, and the encouragement everyone’s given me has been really helpful.

    And I need to say, of course, congratulations to everyone else! 🙂

  18. Phill

    Maybe, but the 63 miles to Blackpool give me a great head start on the #July150, maybe August will be harder!

    Yeah I’m a Nederlander now. England, Portugal (my 2nd favourite) and Japan (my sweepstake draw) are all out of the World Cup, so I’ve picked based onhow well the strip matches my own colouring.

    Pass me a hash cake.

  19. One Loose Nut

    Well done Phill. Thanks for coming up with a great idea.

    If you go ahead with John’s July1000 idea I shall have to respectfully decline as my bike will probably be in for a service, or stolen, or similar…

  20. Phill

    I’ll always give you credit Jon, for the ideas I execute. 😉

    Thanks! It was a brilliant first idea and one which I am delighted you came up with. Now shut up and get signed up. 🙂

  21. Rafe

    Bit late replying, but never mind…

    Sadly I failed the June 100 as I only had 10 days in which to do it and my bike broke on the last opportunity I had to complete it.

    Still I managed 70 odd miles in a week or so.

  22. Phill

    It’s a grand achievement though Rafe. Particularly given your circumstance, most people would start off very slowly instead of trying to go at it hammer and tongs from the off. Top marks in my opinion.

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