The #July150 – Sign Up Here

It Had To Happen.

The #June100 has spawned a monster.  It’s Summer, it’s dry (so far) and we’re all loving our cycling, so here it is, sign up right here for the #July150 Cycling Challenge:

The rules are just the same as before.  Clock your leisure miles and just do more than 150 in the calendar month.  You can log your commute miles too but there’s no official kudos for that.

The Official #July150 Spreadsheet

You can look at the spreadsheet here.  Once you get your login details, you can Sign In to it and punch your information in throughout the month.  Please don’t break it!

Right. Enough said.  Please forward a link to this post to any cyclist you know, let’s try and beat the 31 participants we had in the #June100 (thanks!).

Join the #July150 and enjoy your cycling!

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22 comments on “The #July150 – Sign Up Here

  1. Redbike

    Can I do the miles on an electric bike?
    (Sadly I am serious).

  2. Lost

    Ok mister. Just signed up for it. Wishing you well in attaining your 150 too 🙂

  3. Phill

    Roboredbike on a what??? I might have to refer this one to the Committee. First I’ll need a Committee. How electric is this bike, exactly? If it’s like my Grandad’s invalid carriage, no you bloody can’t.

    Lost, thanks! 🙂 You too.

  4. PhilR

    My wife wants to be included although she doesn’t think she’ll get anywhere near the total (She doesn’t want to miss the fun 🙂 )

    I shall be adding her totals in for her as she doesn’t have a google login so she just needs her name on the spreadsheet if that’s OK 🙂

    She says not to worry, her shoulders are broad enough to hold everyone up when she’s down at the bottom 😉

  5. @JobySp

    LOL. If red can do his on an electric bike, can I count the miles I do in my Prius?

  6. @phillconnell

    Joby, you haven’t got a bloody Prius! 😉 Besides, I’m investigating the validity of my attempts in a milk float.

    Chris, I figured you were a safe assumption…

  7. Phill

    Hang on, they’re diesel, quite clearly a flagrant breach of the rules.

    But while you’re here, I’ll have a 99 please. Crushed nuts.

  8. Matt

    Cheers for sorting this again Phill, good luck!

    Cant believe I have just signed up to this madness… again!

  9. @phillconnell

    Yes, you’re all mad! I’m in training today, so will you lot promote this for me and I’ll get the signups done later. 2 and counting so far… 😉

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  11. Redbike

    Unfortunately, I can’t pedal this stupid (calling it stupid is being nice) electric bike either. I just haven’t got the movement required in my foot/ankle to pedal properly, and when you stop pedalling the bike stops!

    I do have a plan though. I’ve taken one of the cranks off the fixie so I don’t have to pedal with that leg. I’ve only tried it on the rollers so far, but it’s looking promising.

  12. KungFooSausage

    I signed up for it a few hours ago but havent got a password to the spreadsheet yet. I already have some miles to put on it.

    Go me 🙂

  13. Phill

    Red, you’re nothing if not determined. Probably certifiably so.

    KungFoo, is it working for you yet?

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