Kiss Me Quick, Ride Me Slowly – #July150 Started

You’ve probably already read a few blogs about the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride on Sunday, so I’m just going to mention a few of my personal highlights and hope that you identify with them too.

Bumping Into Friends

Despite not quite meeting at the start as we’d planned, Jon of Riding The Moor fame arrived at the Standish rest stop just after I did.  His chat, his encouragement  and his Ibuprofen were very welcome for the next 25 miles or so.  As he contemplated heading off whilst I checked my blood sugars, Emma came over so we enjoyed a few minutes, then she bought me a brew as Jon buggered off.  I must say that it was the nicest brew I’ve had in a long time, and the company was good too!

My Diabetes.

I packed just 2 SIS gels and 2 Decathlon-special ceral choccy banana bars.  A good porridge breakfast at home was consumed and I didn’t test my sugar until my first break, 25 miles in at Standish.  It was  3.3 mmol/l (59.4 in American) – Whoops!  I hastily necked one of the gels and one of the bars with my litre of water.

At Preston, another 18 miles or so later, I tested again.  This time, 5.5 mmol/l (99 to our friends over the water).  Cool!  I may actually have found a system!  The final gel and cereal bar went down along with the brew Emma bought me.

So from now on, my secret is 20g CHO in gel form plus 29g CHO in complex form per 20 miles of hard riding.  Sorted.  I’ll work with it for few rides and let you know how it works.  Or how long I’m in the hospital for 😉

Not Getting Off.

There’s a steep hill just outside Kirkham, about 50 miles or so into the ride.  It’s not nice.  I managed it in 2nd gear.  Yes, second gear.  Normally that’s just too bloody spinnyto even contemplate, but on Sunday the granny ring was my friend.

On the front at Lytham, the wind was ridiculous.  I was actually buffeted.  Sometimes the windfeels a bit gusty but, bloody hell, the wind on Sunday was in fine form!  The only benefot was from a beaty point of view.  I mean, riding North along the coast meant that the skin on the left side of my face is now wonderfully exfoliated – ladies, take note!  If you ever want beautifully smooth skin, ride by the coast on a b*stard of a windy day!  Another half an hour of that and I’ve have looked like Skeletor.

Achieving A Goal.

It’s 9 years since i completed the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride.  On Sunday, it felt better than ever.  I’ve raised about £300 for the Hospice where my Mum and I said goodbye, and I’ve made some fantastic friends in the process of getting myself motivated to do it.  I’m proud of myself, my family are proud of me and my Mum would be proud too.

Thanks, all of you. Here’s the map.

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19 comments on “Kiss Me Quick, Ride Me Slowly – #July150 Started

  1. jobysp

    Well done mate! Proud of ya. You’ve actually got on your bike!!

    Another 12 months to go for the next one 🙂

  2. Lost

    Well done Phill! You did well. How long did it take you?

    That hill is from Kirkham to Freckleton and catches everyone unawares – when I sprinted up it there were lots of people walking and several people wilting on the side of the road.

  3. Phill

    Set off at 8.50ish, crossed the line at 3.18! Not sure how long I stopped at Standish and Preston for but I’ll have a think and estimate it at an hour’s waiting, so I reckon 5 and 1/2 hours cycling? You can also see the thing at too,

    And yes, that hill is bad! 😉

  4. Emma Rush

    You win the prize for the best blog title!

    Was really nice to see you and John on route and you again at the end of the ride.

  5. Phill

    Thanks Emma, I was quite chuffed with myself for that little bit of inspiration 🙂 It was good to see you and Jon, little things like that make a memorable day.

    Les, cheers mate for you non-sweary support!

  6. Lost

    5 n half hrs is a great time considering how long ago you last rode this route 🙂

    All set for next year?

  7. Phill

    Yes, for sure. Can’t wait! At the risk of saying something I might regret, I still need to raise £200 this year so one more event is probably needed. 🙂

  8. Lost

    How about the manchester 100 in september – got the choice of the 100k or 100mile routes. They’re on bike events site so check it out 😉

    I use the sis gels myself. They’re pretty darn good, though I’d really like it if they tasted a smidge better!

  9. @ridingthemoor

    odd, I’m sure I commented already.. Anyhoo Well Done for yesterday and Yes the Manchester 100 in September should be a go-go!

    My first ever Manchester – Blackpool and I loved every sodding minute of it. Including the rain and sandblast.

  10. @phillconnell

    Joby,Speaking for myself, I reckon the 100k (63m) – I’m going to check the site at lunch for dates etc.

    Clive, Thanks mate!

    Jon, maybe you commented just before my blog went wibble for a few minutes around the afternoon yesterday. No idea what occurred.

    Lost, as I shared with Emma on Sunday, I think the SIS gels taste a bit like sweetened snot, but they do a good job!

  11. Redbike

    Congratulations to all.

    Whats next, 150miles in one ride?

  12. @phillconnell

    My left knee was saying “No” to that yesterday! Joby almost did it though, just a mile and bit short. Nutter. 😉

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