Is It Time For Winter Pedals?


I got these last week from Superstar Components: a big confidence booster for the winter months.

SPDs are great when it’s not sketchy underfoot, but as the trails and pathways get slippy, it’s time for me to allow myself a dab along the way.

What about you?

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4 comments on “Is It Time For Winter Pedals?

  1. Phill

    Haha! I keep reliving the moments when the front tyre washed out on ice last winter, thinking that a dab would’ve sorted it.
    Back on SPDs next spring – they’re going on the hardtail for roads until then 🙂

  2. Adrian

    winter pedals never heard of anything so ridiculous, you just need to learn to unclip quicker 😉

  3. Phill

    Yeah, you’re probably right. But they’re red, and shiny 🙂
    Seriously though, it was riding up at Lee Quarry that made me think I’d benefit from the ability to dab, then the memory of going sideways on ice last winter. Hence the Superstar budget flatties.

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