Wheels For Wellbeing – Need Your Support.

Last week, I helped a very good friend and had a great time at The Cycle Show, at the NEC in Birmingham.

Of course, there were lots of shiny bikes and bikey gadgets around and it was an absolute pleasure to be there, but one organisation made an impression on us, so I’m asking you (yes, you) to spend a few seconds giving them a little help.

Wheels For Wellbeing‘s simple strapline is “supporting disabled people to cycle” and that’s exactly what they do.

Wheels For Wellbeing - They need your vote.


Their manager Isabelle’s smiling face was all over the show throughout the four-day duration, chatting to all the exhibitors and most of the visitors. Her tireless enthusiasm is infectious and she’s doing a grand job with her team, helping people of all abilities to ride bikes…. Bikes, handbikes, electric bikes, assisted wheelchairs… whatever it takes to get people out in the fresh air enjoying cycling.

Wheels For Wellbeing have reached the final stage in the Best Sports Project category for National Lottery Good Causes, and you should vote for them. Just click the link on this page, pop your email address in the form and bask in the glory of a job well done.

They will win £2,000 in funding if they win the vote. More importantly, it will give them much-needed exposure and a platform to publicise inclusive cycling, not just in London where they’re based, but with a knock-on effect for similar organisations everywhere.

It’s that simple. Do it now.

Thanks. 🙂

To see more general information about Wheels For Wellbeing, visit their main site here.

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2 comments on “Wheels For Wellbeing – Need Your Support.

  1. Karen @ Cycle Sprog

    Done! Thanks for making us aware of this award. It’s a bit like this years Sports Personality of the Year Award – so many great entries. It’s a shame they can’t all be winners

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