If at first you don’t succeed, get distracted.

It quickly becomes apparent that one post isn’t enough. We didn’t progress the blinds business last night, choosing instead to deliver a birthday present and shortlist potential Easter holidays.

Bala Lake in mid Wales is looking favourite. We drove past a place last October and I fell in love with it just for the view: www.glanllyn.com.  Terrible website, but gorgeous place and reasonable prices. No play area for the kids but a beach leading down to the lake, so I’m sure we’d be fine there.

I also put another step in on my way towards the Hawker Hurricane model you can almost see, light grey against white (note to self: use different background) here. Building the model is a guilty pleasure: I do it either while Sharon’s out, or in the smallest room, or while I’m making our bedtime brew. Girls don’t understand Airfix!

Hawker Hurricane in progress

Hawker Hurricane in progress

Work’s going really well. I got another unsolicited phone call from a potential customer this morning. They’d looked us up on the web after two rivals, recommended by KPMG, turned them down for being too small! Silly rivals, they’re not too small, you’re just too inflexible. Thank you for your incompetence. Anyway, this chap found us on the web and just dialled the number on our homepage www.utilitymasters.co.uk/

Not sure what tonight’s plans are. Maybe a little guilty modelling, maybe more holiday planning, maybe even something useful!

See you soon!

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