Team Building?

It’s our company conference tomorrow, so the office is a mess of palpable nerves and bristling egos. I’m trying to gather all the presentations together: deadline Wednesday pm, so far it’s Thursday lunchtime and half of them are done

I have no room to talk: mine’s not finished either! But don’t I automatically I get special dispensation as the Marketing guy?

As I polish off my Cajun Squirrel crisps (possibly my favourite Walkers experiment so far) I’m checking my desk for car keys, as I’m off to the bank to releive the Sports & Social fund of £440 towards post-conference refreshments.

I’m a big believer in Conferences as Team Building events, but I have to confess that it’ll be a relief to get back to actually doing some flippin’ work next week. The new style marketing’s working very well and I need to keep the momentum up. 16 good leads in the last 5 weeks from emails and the web, which in our niche is brilliant, if I say so myself.

At Home…

No progress on the blinds business, BUT I did get a little more of the ‘plane done.

It’s looking vaguely like an actual aircraft now, and with each step I relax a little bit more.

Taking Shape...

Taking Shape… … See?

Note the clever use of a dark background this time.

Well, I’d better get to the bank before 22 Utility Masters employees and up having to pay for their own beers tomorrow!

Bye for now.

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