So, I read somewhere that posts start with “So…”

So… I thought I should start blogging. I revamped the website at work (with loads of help from our web designers) and the benefits of blogging were explained.

The company blog at was up and running, so… I got to thinking.

My partner Sharon can run up some mean Blinds & Curtains, and we’re trying to get a little business up & running to make use of her talents. So… I’ve been spending a little time boarding out the loft – and soon I hope we can call it The Workshop. Capital T, capital W.

I figured we need a little web presence, more than Google Maps at any rate. So… I’ve been struggling with technology at home, with one old laptop and a newer (but significantly more hopeless) PC. I also have a great time taking a few photos as I ramble through my busy life…

So… Why shouldn’t I put something on the web about that?

So… I am going to. And this is where I’m going to do it.

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