Cycling Photojournalism Awards 2011

The Cycling Photojournalism Awards 2011

This is my personal entry for the presently non-existent “Cycling Photojournalism Awards 2011

They say that a good picture paints a thousand words.  This one is more concise.  This one paints 10.

"We went on a bike ride. There was a pool."

“We went on a bike ride. There was a pool.”

This may not have a potential running theme like Jamie’s excellent “Bike And Gate” series, but I quite like it.

Got any entries? If I get enough links in the comments below, I will publish them and give an actual prize. The rules are as follows:

1. You have to own the picture.
2. It has to tell a story about cycling, in its own right .
3. A caption of up to 20 words is allowed.

Tell your friends. Tell ’em Phill sent you 🙂

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