What A July! Now What? #Jul100 #Aug100

A Record-Breaking July (Almost)

OK, we didn’t break any records. Not really.  But, a couple of weeks ago I though we might do more miles in July than we’d done in June.  Bloody Hell!

The sun came out, we got our bikes out and we did some miles.  Boy, did we do some miles?!

As I write this on the first day of the #Aug100 there are 7,330 leisure (and turbo) miles on the spreadsheet, of 8,460 miles in total.  That’s more than any month except April, when the #30daysofbiking was in full swing.

What an awesome effort.  I’m humbled, and proud, and simply chuffed to be known to you all.  Superstars, you are.

New Members, Old Friends

During July, people like Lloyd at @cyclingnirvana and Craig at @fruitmeister have joined the fray, clocking up some serious mileage.  It’s great to have you along, guys! (If you want to say Hi, or if I’ve missed your name off, drop a comment below and make yourself known!)

Once again, Mental John Berry has topped the 1,000 miles for the month, winning whatever award I want to call it this month.  Let’s just call it the “Mental John Berry Award” from now on, shall we?  He’s a nutter.  He denies it, but he’s either lying or simply wrong.

Faithful friends like Matty, Jo Simcock and Chris Byrne have quietly pedalled away, chucking over 1,000 miles in between them.  You’re fantastic.

On a personal note, a modest 132 miles puts me in 26th place, but it’s 132 miles I know I wouldn’t have done without the peer pressure.  Month after month, I owe you all big thanks and probably a bunch of years on my life (but maybe off my knees) 🙂

Below you should see a graph of the current status.  Feel free to copy & paste to your own blogs or wherever you like.  Get some more people to join, why don’t you?  That’d be lovely!

Here’s a link to the spreadsheet, have a look!

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6 comments on “What A July! Now What? #Jul100 #Aug100

  1. Rafe

    I started the “Mad John” name thing, but mental is more like it. Denial is just one of the classic symptoms of someone that’s addicted to something.

    Oh, and a plug to say that everyone should have a look at Matty’s blog (link in the text). This is one guy that’s really raising the bar this summer and who deserves some support.

  2. sasha berry

    Well his wife must be equally mental to let out for so long!

  3. Lloyd Lemons

    I’m happy to join you all in this friendly competition. July was a tough month for me (August will be too), because of the heat. Many days w/heat index in the triple digits, and of course that Florida humidity! (This is where you give me a collective sigh of compassion.;) Whining aside, I’m having fun. Let’s ride! And Mental John Berry, don’t spend all your July prize money in the same tavern:)

  4. Phill

    Lloyd, I fear that the collective sigh of compassion may not be forthcoming for having to cycle in the Florida summer weather! Given the slight Northern England bias in the riders, you may be counted among the lucky ones! 😉

    But hey, you’re having fun! And at the risk of tempting fate, UK weather’s not too bad right now! Let’s ride! 🙂

  5. Clive Chapman

    In the words of Young Mr Grace “You’ve all done very well!”

    Ok, you do have to be of a certain age to get that one… 🙁

  6. Gareth Rowbotham

    Clive – I got it! Do I get a prize? Is it as much as John Berry’s prize money? Which I would of course spend in a Tavern!!!

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