Christmas Haul

God Bless You, Santa Claus

I must have been a good boy in 2010.  Santa brought me pretty much everything I put on my list (what’s wrong with a letter to Santa if you’re 41 years old?) including some bike stuff.

Here’s the bike stuff I got, including a bunch from Secret Santa at work:

Bike stuff for Christmas

Cycling Santa Goodies

My favourite is, without doubt, the light.  It’s a 900 lumen job straight from China, as recommended by Jon.  It’s as bright as a really bright thing and seems very simple.  At £50, it’s excellent value without much weight and lot of seeing power.  I can’t wait to test it properly.

What did you get?  Call me nosy, I don’t care, I just want to know what you got…

Next Time…

…Some more news about the monthly cycling challenges for 2011.  I’ve only been out once in December thanks to the weather and a sore elbow, so I’m hoping to impress myself next year.  Watch this space.

Don’t forget to tell me about your Christmas Goodies 🙂

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13 comments on “Christmas Haul

  1. Clive Chapman

    DVD box set of the miniseries Pacific.

    Load of bike magazines.

    Bottle of Single Malt called Spice Tree, a new one on me.

    Brilliant Home made collage called “Dad” off the kids.

    I’m a lucky Boy!

  2. Matt

    Nice haul! I had the haynes bike manual for my birthday and it really is very good, Ive now got the traditional oil thumb prints on most of the pages 🙂

    Bike wise for Xmas I got a good set of Cat-eye lights, from the wife, they formally belonged to Rafe, so they should help on the commute to work!
    Got a bit of cash too, so bought some more lights, a new backpack and some Torq power in the CRC sale, which was nice
    Looking forward to the 2011 challenges

  3. Matt

    oh yeah, and on the subject of Haynes manuals, my brother got me the Haynes Manual to the Vulcan Bomber, oh how im looking forward to stripping one of those engines down over a quiet weekend 😉

  4. Phill

    Ha ha, loving that Matt. There’s one at Blackpool airport, it’s not moved for years, give it a go!

    Clive, we are lucky boys aren’t we?!

  5. Jon

    Glad you like the lights. Bit of advice on the battery – waterproof it by whatever means you can as they aren’t too good in the wet.

    What did I get?

    I got cash and CRC vouchers that have paid for new gloves, a Truvativ GPX external bottom bracket, a tool for fitting BB and a Truvativ Stylo GPX crankset.

    Planet Earth Boxed Set
    a wooly hat (with pigtails)!?
    Speakers for iPod/bathroom

    that’s it this year. Fairly subdued due to the last 6 months.

  6. Toby Field

    The only cycling present I got was vouchers from a friend for my local bike shop.

    I got a copy of Gran Tursimo 5 which I had a month early when it was released. I also got some really nice Top Gear books and a litre bottle of brandy.

  7. Lost

    Well, the biggest and best gift off Santa was the titanium mechano I got given 4 days beforehand 🙂

    No bike stuff, but a guitar, stereo, oodles of books, cds…..all ruddy good gifts.

  8. Robin Crampton

    Hi Phill happy new year. Sorry late catching up on this, only came back to work today since the 24th. My wife and mother-in-law both gave me money for Christmas and birthbay (which are close together) so I bought a Toshiba hard disc recorder, ( I won’t miss any of the tour this year!). Also got a nice Weirdfish sweater, and Craghopper trousers from the wife.

  9. @phillconnell

    Hi Robin, that sounds pretty good to me. My sister’s really into Weirdfish, she’s like the Weirdfish rep when she calls round for a brew 🙂

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