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Pennine Bridleway Exploration #12×100

New Bike, New Route

With the British weather being so busy since Christmas, my #12×100 mileage had been a bit pants through January.  So, with a steely determination and wearing almost every item of technical fabric I possess, I headed out to try a new loop on Saturday.

The Pennine Bridleway cuts all over the foothills of the Pennines near where I live, and I’ve ridden little bits of it up near Hollingworth Lake a few times.  I figured that I couldn’t really call myself a Rochdalian mountain biker until I’d explored a bit more of it, though.

I chose to do half of the route which Evans Cycles had used for an organised ride the week before, heading along the canalside before heading up to Watergrove Reservoir and taking the PBW across the hills to Summit, between Littleborough and Todmorden.

Pennine Bridleway and Rochdale Canal Loop

Out by the PBW, back by the canal.

The snow began as I left home and continued for the whole ride.  I was loving it.  I’ve found that snow itself isn’t slippy.  It’s compacted snow and hidden ice that’s slippy.  I only had a single arse/floor interface, when I failed to spot a large frozen puddle beneath my wheels until the bike suddenly flipped rubber-side-up and dumped me unceremoniously on my side.  The only saving grace was that the ice was thick enough to support my weight, so I crawled back to my feet, checked that nobody had seen anything (they hadn’t, it was pretty deserted thanks to the weather) and cracked on with my ride.

I’ve stuck a few photos here for your enjoyment, and to remind me what a great time I had.  If you like them, please say so below 🙂 If you hate them, then shut up, you’re wrong 😉

After a few miles on the PBW and arriving at Summit, I decided that getting back home along the canal towpath was the most sensible idea because, quite frankly, I’d run out of bovril.  So, tucked my head down and cracked on home.

If you want to, you can see the map at my DailyMile site.  Tell ’em Phill sent you 🙂

Christmas Haul

God Bless You, Santa Claus

I must have been a good boy in 2010.  Santa brought me pretty much everything I put on my list (what’s wrong with a letter to Santa if you’re 41 years old?) including some bike stuff.

Here’s the bike stuff I got, including a bunch from Secret Santa at work:

Bike stuff for Christmas

Cycling Santa Goodies

My favourite is, without doubt, the light.  It’s a 900 lumen job straight from China, as recommended by Jon.  It’s as bright as a really bright thing and seems very simple.  At £50, it’s excellent value without much weight and lot of seeing power.  I can’t wait to test it properly.

What did you get?  Call me nosy, I don’t care, I just want to know what you got…

Next Time…

…Some more news about the monthly cycling challenges for 2011.  I’ve only been out once in December thanks to the weather and a sore elbow, so I’m hoping to impress myself next year.  Watch this space.

Don’t forget to tell me about your Christmas Goodies 🙂

“Thank God For The Rain, Dad.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I love living in a temperate climate.  The changing seasons bring me enormous and unceasing pleasure as the months roll by each year, offering photo-opportunities; fashion choices; beautiful changes to our daily outlook…

…but Jeeeees! What’s With All This Snow??!

My daughter is 6.  She loves sledging; she loves snowmen; she loves snowballs; she loves her pink fluffy woolen hat and her big comfy pink sequined gloves.  She is also very bored of the snow now, thanks.

This morning on the way to school she sighed and said simply, “Thank God for the rain, Dad”.

I didn’t have to respond.  We just exchanged a knowing smile and stared into the hazy brake lights of the car in front as we trundled through the morning rush hour.  It was a blessed relief to be watching cold rain trickling down the blackened hillocks of packed ice and snow by the roadside, which for the past week have been rendering our pavements unwalkable.

The BBC pomised me a “dirty thaw” over the weekend.  I, for one, don’t care how dirty it is – as long as it’s a thaw I don’t mind.

So, from me: Thank You, God.

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