Big Blog Decision Time

Please Help Me With My Decision

Help Me

Can you help me with this please?

I’m in a quandary.  The name of this blog needs to change, in my opinion.  Let me tell you why, then please answer my question to help me move on.

Reasons To Change The Blog Name

  1. Relevance.  All the best advice says that my blog’s name should reflect what I write about.  “The Blind Leading The Blinds” is a sort-of catch-all title, but doesn’t have any relevance any more.  Originally this blog was going to incorporate our Roman Blind service, but that venture has its very own website and I don’t write about it much here.
  2. SEO.  Ths isn’t such a big deal for my personal blog, but it would be better if I stood a least a chance of being found based on what’s actually going on on this blog.  The current name is less than useful in that respect.  I get search hits based on post titles, but a bit of search synergy (I’m copyrighting that phrase right here and now) would be nice.
  3. Adsense.  I have an Adsense account linked to the site.  If you know Adsense, you’ll know that it serves up adverts based on what’s on the site… so primarily it serves up ads for rival companies to our aforementioned Roman Blinds site!  No matter how you look at it, this is a bit rubbish, isn’t it?  Also, irrelevant ads are a total waste of page space, so I want relevant ads.  A relevant name would help.  If I get his bit right, some of you will click on the ads occasionally, and the objective of having AdNoSense in the first place can be met: earning a few pennies to pay for hosting.

This Is The Bit Where I Hope You Will Help

Will you answer me two questions please?

  1. Should I change the name of my personal blog?
  2. Do you have any (repeatable) suggestions, based on the objectives I’ve rambled about above?

I can’t promise to use your ideas, but rest assured that I will consider every idea you share.  Some of them won’t be considered for very long though 😉

I’d really appreciate your input.

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38 comments on “Big Blog Decision Time

  1. Nigel Dean

    From your post above I think it’s a good idea to change the name. What about a cheesy pun around your name Phill/Fill? ‘Phill Your Boots’ etc…

    There is no obvious solution due to the range of topics you cover, although ‘Phil’s Ramblings’ does seem to fit!

  2. Phill

    I’m trying to remain tight-lipped but I can see a micro-trend already. Thanks gents! Good point about the range of rambling. Any more for any more?

  3. rooleymoor

    you could of course name it after an online aversion to a village in Saddleworth..

    Phill e-Delph fear.

  4. lost

    Tsk tsk boys, suggesting he use my title and change the beginning 😉

    Seriously though, the ‘ramblings’ part of my title is cos i do that – literally in terms of walking, and in that there’s nothing I won’t witter on about on it.

    Sadly I can’t make any suggestions. I had enough problems trying to work mine out.

  5. Phill

    Ha ha, are you suggesting that I’m a girl? Or more literally that I’m crap at getting on a bike, I suppose! I think your name is safe Lost, inasmuch as I don’t ramble in the perambulation sense, just the writing.

  6. Joby

    Lol @ Rooley

    Phill Micrack?
    Phill Of Sh*t

    or my final suggestion:

    “Connell: Home Of The Podge Bellied Diabetic”

  7. Phill

    I can’t call my blog “Phill of Sh*t” man, this is a family show! Ha ha, no matter how much I like it.

    Loving the ideas so far though.

  8. Joby

    Phills Poppycock
    Phills Roughhouse
    Phills Flirts

    or how about Phills Patois?

  9. Phill

    Pi-Phill – like that. I can remember an old teacher alling me a Phillistine and thinking himself brilliantly hilarious. He was, of course. 😉

  10. Carrie

    actually I did enjoy Phill yer boots 🙂 put a smile on my face anyway. I think Philllllllll should come to the dark side and entitle it “NotTheConnell” I told you I was going for world domination.

    hmmm. Suggestions… I have none. how about “cycling bloggers suck” then have a pic of joby as your header?

  11. Phill

    Ha ha, much as I sympathise with your efforts to rule the world, I’m not sure I should be your first disciple 😉 I think the Phill Yer Boots quote will find its way there…

  12. Clive Chapman

    I have never had an original thought ever. So Phill, I’ll sit back and watch the ideas role in and marvel at people’s inspiration.

  13. Phill

    Clive, your honesty is refreshing. 🙂 I’ve got some good ideas from this lot so the inspiration is appreciated. I’ve been thinking about stuff like Feedburner issues too, but I think it’s going to be ok.

  14. Les

    Phill Yer Boots

    Is my personal favourite m8

    The only one I cud think of was

    Phill de de Phill de da

  15. Phill

    Ha ha. I like Phill Yer Boots too, but I don’t think it will work from an AdNoSense point of view. I’ll end up with a load of Ugg ripoff merchants. I think my decision has been made, and it’s been a lot of fun, not least upsetting Mr Slide:)

  16. JobySp

    I do bet its pretty annoying though if the people you follow don’t twitter much and your feed is pretty much x has commented on this, y has commented on that.

  17. Phill

    I agree. I’ve said previously to Austin that Commenta would be better if it limited posts to, say, 5 per half hour or something. Less of a pain in the bum when a flurry of comments comes in. If such a plugin comes to my attention I’ll use it, anyway. Probly.

  18. JobySp

    Am sure you could change the code a little to do something like that – you just need to read an entry in a table and increment it by one – and when it hits its peak, then it won’t send any more.

  19. Phill

    Errr, oooh kayyy. Let me know when someone clever does that then. 😉 Maybe you, ounds like you have a handle on it mate. Write a new plugin you genius.

  20. Austin

    Oi.. quit the identity theft.
    Hang on.. now I’m cluttering my own twitter feed. DAMN.

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