Begging Letter

I’ve pasted this from a begging email I sent to my colleagues yesterday. I’m pleased to say that it worked a little, and my donations to Springhill Hospice have chugged upwards a little. I know you all suffer from compassion fatigue, and you’re all good people so you already support your own causes. For what follows I apologise if I’m getting on your nerves. I apologise, but I’m not actually sorry….




My Goal on Reaching the South Prom.

My Goal on Reaching the South Prom.


Hello everyone,

Some of you will already know that I’m taking part in the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride in a little over 2 weeks. It’s a 63 mile cycle from Old Trafford to the South Prom in Blackpool, which I’m doing to raise funds for Springhill Hospice and The Christie.

We all know what a fantastic job The Christie does, fighting and treating cancer. It’s one of Europe’s leading cancer centres, treating over 40,000 patients a year and an international leader in research, with world first breakthroughs for over 100 years. Ambitious plans are underway to transform treatment and care for cancer patients, including a new £35 million patient treatment centre and a network of £17 million Christie radiotherapy centres in other parts of the area to deliver treatment closer to people’s homes. Yes, I cut & pasted some of that information.

Springhill Hospice, only 2 ½ miles from Utility Masters (where I work) and less than that from my home, provides end of life care for local people with terminal illnesses. The wonderful staff amazed me with their dedication, sympathy and help when my Mum stayed there for a short while in December last year.

If you can see your way to making a donation, please help by visiting my sponsorship page and dropping a couple of quid into the virtual bucket. Don’t forget to use Gift Aid, so the charity will receive even more money for your generosity.

With many thanks,

The bike ride is going to be a personal triumph, regardless of the charitable efforts.  Putting a little money into the coffers of the place where my Mum saw out her days will make it all the sweeter.

Rest In Peace Mum. God Bless.
14th July 1941 – 17th December 2009.

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5 comments on “Begging Letter

  1. John Berry

    Good luck….

    Your begging worked on me anyway!!!…

    Then I had to go and sponsor other people…otherwise it would have been favouritism.

  2. Phill

    I know, I did the same yesterday. Sponsored others so I didn’t feel selfish. Hey Ho, it’s got to be done!

  3. John Berry

    Not related to the begging letter..but a question relating to June 100…

    As yo know I dont/cant commute to work…it’s to far…however on Tuesday I am working at a site that is a mere 60 miles away…Wifey is going to drop me off with bike….and I am going to cycle back home 🙂

    Is this classed as a commute???? as it is not my normal place of work and I am cycling because I enjoy it 🙂

    Ditto for Friday when I am working at another customer site (This time 7 miles away – But I am sure I can make 40 plus miles out of it 🙂 )

  4. Phill

    Oooh, you’re pushing the envelope there a bit, aren’t you?

    I’m going to stick my neck and say that they count as leisure miles because they’re just for fun – but I’m not looking forward to the commuter-cyclists who will respond with “I do it for fun too, I could drive/get a bus/train/tram/horsedrawn carriage” blah blah blah.

    Only you and your conscience can solve this one John! 🙂

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