Personal Best – Now That’s A First

PBs – What’s All That About?

I’ve never really measured myself until this June100 lark kicked off.  Suddenly I’m doing enough rides to consider bettering myself and improving my riding, as well as just enjoying it.

So, last night I followed exactly the same route I took a week or so ago, with the intention of beating myself.  I was happy with the result.

Miles                    11.43
Average Speed 12.1 mph
Max Speed         28.3 mph
Ascent                334 m

This was a lot better than the last time I took the route, so I can look forward to torturing myself in future as I try to better myself again.  When I’ve got 10 minutes to spare, I’ll throw another lap of t’Lake in too, to squeeze an extra 2 miles or so into the evening rides.

Or maybe I’ll get myself an imagination and work out a new loop!

Last night's very pleasant Hollingworth Lake trip

Last night’s very pleasant Hollingworth Lake trip

I’d like to get myself over 30 mph, but for now 28.3 is my official fastest ever on the Focus Fat Boy.  Maybe I need a slightly steeper hill to throw myself down…  the trouble there is that I’d need to get myself up some hills first, but: I Fear Climbs.

Everything’s Changing And I Don’t Feel The Same…

… to quote the most popular band who couldn’t find a guitarist.

Since the #June100 kicked off, I’ve noticed a few differences in me:

  • I am definitely fitter
  • I change gears less often
  • I stop less often
  • The danish pastry is now less of a destination, more of a refreshment (when I do stop)

72 miles is the most I’ve ridden in a month, except maybe the 2 times I’ve done Manchester to Blackpool before.  But I’m not knackered, I’m just loving the cycling.  This blog and the cycling community on the web have put a fire to the spark that must have already been there, and for that I’m very grateful.

Thanks, you lot! 🙂

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11 comments on “Personal Best – Now That’s A First

  1. @ridingthemoor

    Good work!

    It’s really helped me too. I’d said at the start of the year that I wanted to ride 1000 miles this year and this goal has looked like it might slip a little.

    This month has certainly helped bring it back on track. Next month i’ve got the Manchester-Blackpool @ 60 miles, which will be the longest ride i’ve ever done in one go and a fortnight after that i’ve got the Hit the North ‘race’ that I hope to complete 5 laps – Approximately 32 miles.

    So that’ll be 90+ miles in two rides. BTW Phill, if you’re free on that Saturday why not join me in a team. We can do a couple of laps each have a breather and repeat for 8 hours.

    There’s probably half a dozen riders that will be going out to win the race, everyone else will be doing it for the craic. £33 entry per person to cover costs.

    I’ve certainly noticed physical improvements in strength and stamina. It means I can attack obstacles and usually not fall off.

    Climbing has improved and i’m certainly noticing that i’m using considerably less gears and the granny ring is being used much less than ever before.

    Sleep has improved, but my appetite has increased massively as my body is obviously needing fuel.

    Good work on the stats, but you need to work on that top speed..

    40mph+ on an MTB is good fun!!

  2. carrie

    aye, sooner or later it gets ya Phill, I’m itching to start taking the time trialling seriously.

  3. Phill

    Riding, your mileage has been a lot more consistent than mine over past months, but I’m glad the challenge has helped a bit. I’m only on 200+ miles even now, proving how slack I’ve been before June kicked in!

    When’s Hit The North? I did glance at the website and retired, scared, back into my comfort zone. If I don’t do it this time around it’s going to have to go on the hit list for next year. Oh god, there I go again setting myself challenges…!

    Sleep is definitely a positive factor. I’ve never had any trouble getting to sleep but the quality of it has improved along with the sheer amount!

    I have no idea how I’m going to get to 40mph on the Fat Boy, but hopefully I’ll get there soon!

  4. @ridingthemoor

    17th July (two weeks after Manc-Blackpool) I think with the extra fitness you’ve got you’d easily manage 3-4 laps, we’d split it into 2 laps each of 6.5 miles, or swap over if you feel tired at the end of the lap..

    Let me know asap as I need to enter and may as well do a pairs entry instead!

    There’s been fluctuations in each month, but It’s difficult to get consistency when kids/family/work get in the way sorry – are taken into account.

  5. Clive Chapman

    Well done on the pedalling Connell you sadistic bastard! Don’t bother telling me of your next bright idea! 😉

  6. Phill

    Yeah, what’s the point of that then? I’d rather cycle up slowly than have my bike bruising my back and backside! Nutters.

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