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Bikes for Girlies

The goose is beginning to get fat and lists are already being finalised before sending to the guy in the big red suit, so I’ve been trying to help him out by seeing what’s in the market for 6 and 7 year-old girlies.

Wiggle and Evans were both displaying some lovely bikes, but well out of the price range when you consider that these will last the girls a couple of years at most, unless I discover a way to stop them growing up (every Dad’s dream?).  Halfrauds do the cracking Carerra Luna, but to be honest, it’s a little on the pricey side.  So I asked around at work – and thank goodness I did…

Within a few minutes I was speaking to the very helpful Yvonne at E B Cycles.  After a few minutes browsing around their website whilst chatting to her, I’d pretty much made my decision.  The two girls in questions are as alike as chalk and cheddar, so they’re going to need vastly different-looking bikes.

I think they’ll be very happy with the selection! That is assuming that they are Very Good Girls and that Santa is in a cooperative mood!

Tatton Tweet-Up

I went to my first Tweet-Up on Saturday, to meet Joby, Chris and Emma at Tatton Park. Joby (well, his Missus to be fair) has produced some T-shirts for me, the boys from work and my lad so I’d arranged to collect them from him.

A couple of weeks ago I was on for joining the three musketeers on the ride, but family commitments made that impossible. Driving to Tatton and having a brew with them was the next-best option.

I have to say it was a pleasure to meet the chaps and lady. They’d already had their lunch (they’d been 45 minutes late, I was 90 minutes late!) so I bought them another brew so we coud have a chat. I think I may have got a bit giddy and asked Joby to sell me a bike, but even allowing for that it was a very pleasant hour.

After they’d cycled off towards Sale, the kids and I stayed in Tatton Park for a stroll and had a lovely amble through the misty winter day.

Next time I meet this lot, I’d better be on my blinkin’ bike! – Or Joby’s old one!!

Harrys Walks

Shameless Plug Alert!

A friend and colleague of mine, Dave, today proudly launched Harry’s Walks, a blog about his beloved black labrador.

Dave & Harry's New Doggyblog

Dave & Harry’s New Doggyblog

Dave’s a technical wizard, so I expect the site to introduce some interesting techniques (the best of which I shall steal mwuahahahaha), as well as showcasing the very best doggy gadgets available.  Dave simply cannot resist a gadget, especially if it’s imported for less than a fiver from Hong Kong.

If you have a dog, or are thinking of getting one, get in touch with Dave via his blog.  You know it makes sense.

Tell ‘im Phill sent ya.


From Monday the 23rd November until Friday 18th December 2009, fourteen chaps at work have agreed to grow moustaches in aid of The Prostate Cancer Charity.  Prostate cancer is a serious issue and affects thousands of men every year.

Over the next month, we will be looking like a set of 70’s throwbacks and itching constantly in the name of fun and fundraising… So if you see us about, don’t cross the street or make 118 jokes, we’re actually being great blokes!

Our earlier efforts at Utility Masters Conference, April 2009

Our earlier (shop bought) efforts at Utility Masters Conference, April 2009

I’m aiming for a full Hulk Hogan, but we’ll see how the growth turns out before I make the final choice on style…..

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