From Monday the 23rd November until Friday 18th December 2009, fourteen chaps at work have agreed to grow moustaches in aid of The Prostate Cancer Charity.  Prostate cancer is a serious issue and affects thousands of men every year.

Over the next month, we will be looking like a set of 70’s throwbacks and itching constantly in the name of fun and fundraising… So if you see us about, don’t cross the street or make 118 jokes, we’re actually being great blokes!

Our earlier efforts at Utility Masters Conference, April 2009

Our earlier (shop bought) efforts at Utility Masters Conference, April 2009

I’m aiming for a full Hulk Hogan, but we’ll see how the growth turns out before I make the final choice on style…..

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6 comments on “TacheTastic!

  1. Joby

    Well I already have a tache – something of a Hitler moustache…

    Perhaps you should copy so I’m not the only person in Manchester with one?

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