Bikes for Girlies

The goose is beginning to get fat and lists are already being finalised before sending to the guy in the big red suit, so I’ve been trying to help him out by seeing what’s in the market for 6 and 7 year-old girlies.

Wiggle and Evans were both displaying some lovely bikes, but well out of the price range when you consider that these will last the girls a couple of years at most, unless I discover a way to stop them growing up (every Dad’s dream?).  Halfrauds do the cracking Carerra Luna, but to be honest, it’s a little on the pricey side.  So I asked around at work – and thank goodness I did…

Within a few minutes I was speaking to the very helpful Yvonne at E B Cycles.  After a few minutes browsing around their website whilst chatting to her, I’d pretty much made my decision.  The two girls in questions are as alike as chalk and cheddar, so they’re going to need vastly different-looking bikes.

I think they’ll be very happy with the selection! That is assuming that they are Very Good Girls and that Santa is in a cooperative mood!

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10 comments on “Bikes for Girlies

  1. Joby

    You refrain to mention price but I can imagine why. I like the looks of both of them!

    We got Lilys from Decathlon and that was £69 but worth every penny.

  2. Phill

    Let’s just say there’s a couple of penny’s change out of £200, but I’m waiting to see what deal might be available. The Luna is £150 on its own though! Far too much when you need two.

  3. Joby

    Thats not a bad price at all for 2 bikes! Wiggle and Evans are showing much more expensive prices.

    (Don’t forget my daughter is only 3 so thats the reason for cheaper).

  4. Phill

    Yes, I’m chuffed that my Wigan pie-eater gaffer knows about this little gem of a bike shop. Not high-end bikes, but these are only going to last a couple of years. The ladies will love them. 🙂

  5. Phill

    I think you should guess. One’s very girly and demure, whereas the other one is for an action girl. Which do you think?

  6. rooleymoor

    I got my daughter the Carrera Luna last xmas and she loves it. Quite light, thanks to its Alu frame, decent components on it too.

    Tektro v-brakes (ok, half decents)
    RST forks (fairly plush)
    SRAM Gears

    She absolutely loves it I think I paid £149.99 for it 12 months ago, which, I believe, is the current price?

    Bear in mind that the Falcon and the Bumper bikes are HT Steel and are both Singlespeed

  7. Phill

    You’re right, and I do love the Luna. If we had one to buy I think that’d be the way to go, but at 18″ wheels, neither of the bikes is heavy (no front bouncer keeps the weight down).

    Will invest more heavily when they graduate to 20″ steeds, methinks.

  8. Carrera bike

    “Funny, I thought about it one day, but that I found it hard to believe the best thing for me was my bike, although there were plenty to choose from.”

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