Tatton Tweet-Up

I went to my first Tweet-Up on Saturday, to meet Joby, Chris and Emma at Tatton Park. Joby (well, his Missus to be fair) has produced some T-shirts for me, the boys from work and my lad so I’d arranged to collect them from him.

A couple of weeks ago I was on for joining the three musketeers on the ride, but family commitments made that impossible. Driving to Tatton and having a brew with them was the next-best option.

I have to say it was a pleasure to meet the chaps and lady. They’d already had their lunch (they’d been 45 minutes late, I was 90 minutes late!) so I bought them another brew so we coud have a chat. I think I may have got a bit giddy and asked Joby to sell me a bike, but even allowing for that it was a very pleasant hour.

After they’d cycled off towards Sale, the kids and I stayed in Tatton Park for a stroll and had a lovely amble through the misty winter day.

Next time I meet this lot, I’d better be on my blinkin’ bike! – Or Joby’s old one!!

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5 comments on “Tatton Tweet-Up

  1. rooleymoor

    good stuff… interesting, though, that the only images you have of Joby, Chris and Emma are of them cycling away from you!!! 😀

  2. Lost Sheep

    Sounds like you had a great day – shame I couldn’t get there to meet you too: I had to work that day. Still, I can always haul ass over to Hollingworth Lake some time.

  3. Phill

    Ha ha Rooley – didn’t ask if I could take a photo, just whipped the camera out as they went!
    Lost – Yes, the Lake’s a favourite haunt and easily doable, even with the kids riding along… 🙂

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