Soggy Sunset Cycling

Tuesday night is riding night.  I have taught myself that this must be so despite the best efforts of Mother(fecker) Nature.  I got my jacket and tights on and donned helmet and gloves with the words of Clive Chapman ringing in my ears:

  • “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.”
  • “You only get wet once”

Littleborough Roadie Practise Loop

The slicks are still on, and I’ve got a road loop planned for Saturday with Joby and Chris.  I therefore opted to stick to the roads, especially as it was pouring down, and have a little uphill stint in the night’s ride.  I won’t talk too much about it, but here’s the route I took.  Just click it to see it a bit bigger:

Littleborough Road Loop

Last Night’s Road Loop

Two things are worth mentioning:


As practise for Saturday’s loop, which you can check if you click this link, I rode the first part of the climb to Blackstone Edge.  I only went as far as The Moorcock pub – and no I didn’t pop in for a pint:  had I not been a drowned rat I would’ve been tempted.

I was happy to have worked my way about 40% of the distance up the hill, but I know I have much steeper gradients to contend with at the weekend.  Also, the fact that my heart was trying to escape through the top of my head when I rested in the pub car park can’t be a good thing!  Ah well, no more rides until weekend, so fingers crossed… 😉

I Slew The 30mph Ghost!

My usual downhill from t’Lake only mustered 26mph last night through the puddles, so I didn’t hold out much hope of besting my PB speed on the Fat Boy.  But, I was wrong.  The longer descent from the Moorcock back into Littleborough gave me a 30.7 mph top speed.  Wooohoooo!  I did it!! 🙂

Now what? I suppose I have no choice but to top 35 mph on Saturday.  It never stops, does it??

Roll on Saturday!

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12 comments on “Soggy Sunset Cycling

  1. @ridingthemoor

    I got 42mph on the way down to Baitings Dam on semi slicks so you should be able to get 35.. Admittedly I had more mass for gravity to pull on.

    I got my bike from Sunset Cycles 🙂

  2. LTMWB

    Well done on laying the Ghost of 30 mph, I have that Ghost to lay praps, when I do manage cycle up the hill that defeated at the weekend I can cruise down it at more than 30mph

  3. John Berry

    Well done dude…

    Riding in the rain can be so refreshing, and as Clive says you only get wet once….problem is the chafing lasts for weeks 🙂

    I am still trying to slay the 50 mph …..

    I have two mountain rides planned …one next week and one at the end of August…then 50 mph will be mine 🙂

    Current top speed according to Garmin in 48.5 mph…..sooooo close but so far.

  4. JobySp

    Well done on slaying the beast. I’ve managed 40+mph, but reckon 50mph is feasible if I can see in a straight line 😉

    Managed 55+mph on the turbo trainer though.

    As for 35mph on Saturday – as long as its uphill…

  5. Phill

    Ha ha, you speed demons.

    I’m sure the 35mph is in danger on Saturday, especially if it’s dry. I have to confess I nearly wet myself as I hit the (slightly gravelly) corner at the bottom of the hill last night, but nobody would’ve noticed, I was already sodden.

    The only way my bike will hit 55mph is if I fall off a cliff!

  6. Clive Chapman

    My motivational skills are living proof that your tax quids are well spent on the defence budget for training programs in the Army! 😉

  7. Clive Chapman

    Don’t call me Sir! I worked for a living!

    Senior NCO’s run the Army, Officers sign the cheques and think all our ideas are theirs, that’s another SNCO skill set by the way, keeping the Ruperts happy and away from the troops!

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