“Thank God For The Rain, Dad.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I love living in a temperate climate.  The changing seasons bring me enormous and unceasing pleasure as the months roll by each year, offering photo-opportunities; fashion choices; beautiful changes to our daily outlook…

…but Jeeeees! What’s With All This Snow??!

My daughter is 6.  She loves sledging; she loves snowmen; she loves snowballs; she loves her pink fluffy woolen hat and her big comfy pink sequined gloves.  She is also very bored of the snow now, thanks.

This morning on the way to school she sighed and said simply, “Thank God for the rain, Dad”.

I didn’t have to respond.  We just exchanged a knowing smile and stared into the hazy brake lights of the car in front as we trundled through the morning rush hour.  It was a blessed relief to be watching cold rain trickling down the blackened hillocks of packed ice and snow by the roadside, which for the past week have been rendering our pavements unwalkable.

The BBC pomised me a “dirty thaw” over the weekend.  I, for one, don’t care how dirty it is – as long as it’s a thaw I don’t mind.

So, from me: Thank You, God.

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4 comments on ““Thank God For The Rain, Dad.”

  1. Lee

    Very quick and very dirty please. Other than that smutty comment, this was a lovely posting. Sorry to have tarnished it with smut!

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