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Club Competition Entries – 2014 POTY

Isn’t a POTY something a baby poos in?

No. It’s the Photographer Of The Year competition. This will be the first one I’ve ever entered. The competition, run by my local Geek Club, is run over 4 quarterly sessions and I need to submit my first batch of 5 photos this week.

I ran a vote via Google Plus, with a couple of people at work and whoever was at home tonight (Sharon, Fiona and Emma) and these 5 photos emerged as clear winners.

What do you think? Just click on any one of the images to open the gallery.

I’ll update with scores after the competition in another week or so.

Wish me luck! ūüôā

My Photos on 500px – Take A Look?

I’ve been taking my photography a little more seriously recently and part of that has been to put the photos I’m proud of onto a couple of sharing sites. The sites I use are specifically for photography – Flickr and 500px.

My profiles can be found on:

Of the two, I think I prefer 500px. This is mainly down to the way it’s designed. The link is more simple, for a start. No random numbers and characters in the url. Usability just seems a bit better in 500px. It’s also easy to allow people to buy your work in 500px and whilst I think it’s very unlikely that anyone would buy my photos, seeing the amazing quality of other people’s stuff on there, the option to set this up easily is one I like.

What do you think?

Anyway, I’ve embedded a couple of images below so please do have a look and tell me what you think of them.


Sad Launch, Inchmurrin by Phill Connell on 500px.com

Sad Launch, Inchmurrin
Phill Connell

Pink Leanings - Flower by Phill Connell on 500px.com

Pink Leanings – Flower
Phill Connell

Tell the people at 500px that Phill sent you! ūüôā

Camera Gear Review – Case Logic DSLR Bag

No Place For Old Bags

I’m undergoing a¬†renaissance¬†in my photography at the moment, motivated by some projects I have underway for the Spring & Summer. Photography has always been a love of mine, so the chance to enjoy it again is one I’ve grabbed with¬†both¬†hands.

I recently picked up a digital SLR to replace my (very) old film SLR which had been broken for some time. I still had an old LowePro Toploader Zoom bag, but it was very dusty and looked distinctly low-rent compared to the shiny SLR.

So, I picked up a new bag. My requirements were:

  • Must fit a DSLR plus long(ish)¬†standard zoom lens
  • Needs space for spare batteries; memory cards; money & credit card; extra lens filter…
  • Would be protective of my lovely camera
  • Preferably looks ace

I’ve become quite fan of showrooming¬†recently. I definitely wanted the “try before you buy” experience so I took my camera (in the¬†ancient¬†Toploader) to PCWorld and tried it for size in a few bags. Some were deceptively small on the inside, looking initially like fairly chunky pieces of luggage. Others just didn’t fit the bill. One case stood out – the ¬£40¬†Case Logic DSLR bag.

But… ¬£40? Excuse me? Quite a lot for a smallish bag, really. So I had a think… Then I got my mobile phone and had a browse… Then I found it online for less than ¬£25.

Now, I don’t mind paying a premium for good product, demonstrated well and available from stock in store. However, I’m no mug and I’m not paying an 82% premium for a quick feel and instant gratification (calm down ladies and gents, you’re reading the wrong blog for that sort of thing).

What’s The Bag Like, Then?

Before I give you my verdict,¬†let me tell you about the hammock. Yes, a hammock inside a bag… This sits over the top of the void and holds your camera body away from the base of the bag. It means that, when you put your bag down, the weight isn’t suddenly put onto the end of the lens. It was this feature which pushed me to choose this bag more than any other.

There’s also a rubberised waterproof sheath around the bottom of the bag, which will be very handy on those bad-weather days.

I do like the bag. A lot. The zip opens and allows you to open the top flap away from you, with perfect access to grab the camera quickly. The side and front pockets have enough room for a few extra bits and bobs and the strap is very comfortable, with plenty of adjustment to use across your body or just over your shoulder.

Would I Recommend it?

Yes, I would. If you’re in the market for a new DSLR or you’ve got one and want a new¬†compact¬†bag for it, I’d tell you to have a look at the Case Logic DSLR bag¬†and stick it on your shortlist. Just make sure you get the right size for your camera – they do a shorty one for standard lenses too.

Tell ’em Phill sent you ūüôā

Getting A Bit Animated

Shameless Photo Experimentation

I recently treated myself to (a demo version of) Photoshop Elements. When I popped out for a short ride around the trails near home last Saturday, I took my compact camera and my gorillapod to snatch a few shots.

To give myself the bast chance of catching a good photo while the sun was low in the winter sky, I set the timer and programmed the camera to take ten shots in quick succession.

Uploading the photos from the camera and scrolling through, a thought struck me… Can I make an animation from these?

Well, one quick search on Youtube later and the answer was “Yes!” – Result.

Down Carr Lane

Down Carr Lane


Back Up For The Camera!

Back Up For The Camera!

So, what do you think?

… and more to the point, where could I use some now that I know how to do it?

Let me know, people. Thanks!

Cycling Photojournalism Awards 2011

The Cycling Photojournalism Awards 2011

This is my personal entry for the presently non-existent¬†“Cycling Photojournalism Awards 2011

They say that a good picture paints a thousand words.  This one is more concise.  This one paints 10.

"We went on a bike ride. There was a pool."

“We went on a bike ride. There was a pool.”

This may not have a potential running theme like Jamie’s excellent “Bike And Gate” series, but I quite like it.

Got any entries? If I get enough links in the comments below, I will publish them and give an actual prize. The rules are as follows:

1. You have to own the picture.
2. It has to tell a story about cycling, in its own right .
3. A caption of up to 20 words is allowed.

Tell your friends. Tell ’em Phill sent you ūüôā

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