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My Photos on 500px – Take A Look?

I’ve been taking my photography a little more seriously recently and part of that has been to put the photos I’m proud of onto a couple of sharing sites. The sites I use are specifically for photography – Flickr and 500px.

My profiles can be found on:

Of the two, I think I prefer 500px. This is mainly down to the way it’s designed. The link is more simple, for a start. No random numbers and characters in the url. Usability just seems a bit better in 500px. It’s also easy to allow people to buy your work in 500px and whilst I think it’s very unlikely that anyone would buy my photos, seeing the amazing quality of other people’s stuff on there, the option to set this up easily is one I like.

What do you think?

Anyway, I’ve embedded a couple of images below so please do have a look and tell me what you think of them.


Sad Launch, Inchmurrin by Phill Connell on 500px.com

Sad Launch, Inchmurrin
Phill Connell

Pink Leanings - Flower by Phill Connell on 500px.com

Pink Leanings – Flower
Phill Connell

Tell the people at 500px that Phill sent you! 🙂

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