The #June100 Cycling Challenge – Join Us

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together…

… as Hannibal (not Lecter, the one off’ve The A Team) said.  In my last blog post, I asked for ideas to motivate myself to get more cycling done.  Jon suggested that the two of us commit to riding 100 miles in June, since so far this year I’ve only done 117.

One day later, it’s amassed a bit of interest.  So much so that we’ve spawned a hashtag on Twitter, #June100, because the list of names didn’t leave any room to say anything.  June100 participant so far include:

The concept was to make sure I was ready for the Manchester to Blackpoolride on 4th July this year, but we’re spread acrossthe UK, so we won’t all be doing that ride.  The challenge is just a good way to cajole the lazy ones among us into achieving the mileage, and for those who’ll smash the target, it’ll be a good way to (metaphorically) beat their chests!

So far, the rules are thus:

  • 1st to 30th June 2010
  • Leisure miles only, no commute miles counted
  • All miles must be auditable, so GPS log, Garmin records, date-stamped photos of  bike computers or similar must be kept

A common area to log the miles will be provided. We’re working out the best – or most fun – way to do this at the moment.  Suggestions so far range from a simple spreadsheet on Google Docs to a bespoke website.

Update! – The spreadsheet is now LIVE at  Input into the orange boxes and please don’t kill it.  I’ll try to back it up but just – please – dont kill it.

Are with us?  Let me know if you’re signing up.  Put your twitter address in the comment if you’re happy to share it, or just start to follow the #June100hashtag to keep in touch.  Of course you don’t have to use twitter to join in, we’ll keep it as simple as possible to participate.

p.s. This is why I cycle. Self-indulgent photo post but it’s my blog so I’m the boss.

Hollingworth Lake at Dusk

My Favourite Place As Night Falls

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50 comments on “The #June100 Cycling Challenge – Join Us

  1. Clive Chapman

    I thought I was on for some serious chest beating there Phill, then you sneakily and without a moments hesitation pulled the proverbial rug from under my feet with the phrase “no commuting miles” I could have done that in a normal week with no extra effort involved, now look what you’ve done!

    Ok, even with family, rugby and work stuff, I’m in. Bugger, now how the flinkin blip am I going to do this?

  2. Phill

    Good shout Clive, I’ll put an FB page together, even if it’s only a link out to wherever the punchy-in-table is kept. That way I might get more non-twittery non-bloggy people involved too.

  3. Les

    Oi Boss: if you do another one later in the year I would be up for that, but June I believe will be to early for me afraid.

    Clive: I can’t believe you don’t do Twitter coz u do twitter on sometimes mate

  4. Austin

    So re the “commuting miles”
    I occasionally cycle too or from work as training sessions… its a 35 mile journey (70 mile round trip)
    So its not really commuting.. its a full on training session that just happens to end with me in work.. or home from work.. do these count?

  5. Clive Chapman

    My regular commute is a 24 mile round trip, so if I do extra, say my 20 miler in, can I count the 8 extra miles?

  6. Austin

    Yeah this could get complicated.
    What if Clive here decides on a mental detour and does a 50 miler before work. Technically is that still just his commute?
    Im seeing flaws here

  7. Les

    Clive: Sorry mate ope this won’t destroy the love we have for each other.


  8. John Girvin

    Surely any miles you do over and above what’s actually required to get to or from work are for fun, and therefore should count as leisure miles for the challenge?

  9. Phill

    Stop being awkward, you awkward sods. Riding to work is commuting, so there Austin. I promise that if I ride to work it won’t count even though it’ll be an extra to my usual drive. But if I nip out at lunch, that’s leisure mileage! Extra work bypass miles could be proved by comparing a google map directions to your actual mileage.

    Les, I think you can be excused this time 😉 Just get better mate.

  10. Phill

    You’re like my colleagues you lot. Always looking for a flaw, an angle, a way of your own cheating or failing being someone else’s fault. 😉

    You’re only cheating yourselves. Cheats never prosper, and so on and so forth.

  11. Toby Field

    I too was well in to complete this challenge and then notice the ‘no commuting miles’. However, It’s not an impossible task for me as I did 80 recreational miles last month and have so far done 66 this month.

  12. Les

    Phill: Thanks mate, the phrase that comes to mind is
    “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” wished that driver called me a c**t lol

    Toby: I think you will crack that no problem matey

  13. Phill

    John G, Yes, agreed, extra miles are leisure miles but I reckon riding to work when you could drive or use public transport shouldn’t count. We’ll be able to show your mileage if we have to prove it to anyone, I’m sure.

    Toby, Good man!

  14. Austin

    “Surely any miles you do over and above what’s actually required to get to or from work are for fun”

    But when i cycle to work it IS for fun.
    Also.. I really dont mind. Im just being awkward for the hell of it.

  15. Lost

    I guess I could be tempted to join you orrible lot in this thing, though I think I’ve quite easily done that mileage so far this week on my jollies 😉

  16. Austin

    I have an idea….
    How about we set up a google.doc spreadsheet.
    There is one column for “leisure miles” (whatever that means)
    One column for “commute miles”
    for each we can have a target total and an actual total.
    that way I get too compete with Joby to see who does the most overall 😉

  17. Phill

    Lost, you’re in, we’ll make sure you can record whatever you do.
    Austin I think that’s a definite goer! And I reckon Joby will be mixing it up with you for the record 😉 Hell, I might even invest in a trophy.

  18. Emma Rush

    I could also reinstate my bike geeks Confluence wiki. Or Austin’s idea will work too.
    Have to wait for our server scarer to return to do the reinstate. He’s back on Monday.

  19. Clive Chapman

    Er, I’d just like to suggest a handicap system. If JB decides to take part we divide his mileage by a suitably agreed figure to keep it fair… 😉

  20. Phill

    I’m working on a simple Google doc spreadsheet, but I’ve no idea how the sharing works. However, it’ll work and I can link to it from anywhere on t’web and people can expand it by getting their own mates aboard too.

  21. Lost

    I’m with you on that one Clive as JB could quite easily do the miles in one sitting.

  22. Les

    So if we are talking about fairness, where does the urine samples have to be sent, to or have I been watching to much cycling on eurosport, mite I suggest Here

  23. Clive Chapman

    Look LTMWB, I know southern beer tastes like piss, but surely you don’t want us to send you our actual piss?

  24. Austin

    To share the google doc you just put selct the doc, click the share button above and invite people. You’ll need email addresses.. which you should have from the comments here.

  25. Clive Chapman

    Right, I’ve decided, my 100 miles will be off road only. It’ll give me the kick up the arse I need to get back on my beloved MTB.

  26. Les

    Clive: I feel I have to ask this question how the f**k do you know what piss tastes like or maybe I shouldn’t ask.

  27. Clive Chapman

    Fair point, LTMWB, I’m guessing piss tastes like southern beer, and I’ve drunk enough southern beer! 😉

  28. Phill

    The spreadsheet is at – don’t kill it! If ou’re good, by all means improve it though! I’ve kept it very simple. Update the orange bit and put the url for your tracks (or auditable proof) in the relevant column too.

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  30. Chris

    Wow, that got complicated while I was away…

    Good solution though, it will be tough getting 100 “leisure” miles done in June, bring it on!

  31. Phill

    It’s complicated trying to make things simple, sometimes! Bring it on indeed!

  32. carrie

    Count me in please. Not sure how to date stamp a photo but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

  33. JobySp

    OK – I have one question thats just come to me whilst getting over my over exertion in the gym…

    My commute to and from work, at its shortest cycling distance is 8.1 miles…

    As you are well aware – I do just under 10 on the way in and just under 12 on the way home… Thats 6 extra miles a day… Now, do these 6 extra miles a day count as commute miles or leisure miles as I am taking time out of my commute to do a few extra miles?

    Just a thought :op

  34. JobySp

    OK OK OK.
    I read the comments AFTER I posted that…

    I keep my recreational and commute miles separate on Garmin anyway as its good to see how recreationally lazy I am.

    Although, now I’ve joined a gym – can I use exercise bike miles as leisure miles as, to be honest, I can’t move from one spot for an hour so its not commuting?

    Only kidding.

    Bring on 1st June (although gutted I’ll be away for a week so my miles might lag a bit for that week)

  35. Lost

    If I do another week like this one [140+ miles] I’ll have the 100 miles sorted in a jiffy. Though I’m not gonna be comparing my miles with JBs impressive efforts!

  36. jobysp

    Its unfortunate that the week starts on a Tuesday 🙁

    Had it started on a Saturday, I’d have made sure that I’d clocked 100 miles in the first day just to piss them off 🙂

  37. Phill

    I think we’re sorted now aren’t we? I’ll add Carrie to the spreadsheet too. Thanks everyone. 🙂

  38. LTMWB

    John (Legendary miles) Berry
    will prob manage 100 miles in his lunch hour 🙂

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  40. Phill

    Thanks everyone! Currently bladdered at OH’s 40th but keep getting people joining and let’s get those miles in! I love you all deeply but that’s because I’m half cut!

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