Finally! 100 Miles

… And I Don’t Mean In One Day, Either.

At the beginning of the year, I set myself some targets.  You might know that on Sunday the first major one passed un-achieved.  I sat on my sofa yesterday morning feeling guilty as I ate a sausage butty and watched 36,000 runners completing the Great Manchester 10k Run.

My official time was 49 minutes 44 seconds, thanks to Fall Down Andy, my good friend and football buddy.  His £20 donation is on my JustGiving widget on the right hand of this page, so at least one of my targets has moved in the right direction this week!   Just Give it a click if you can help Springhill Hospice, too.

But back to the point… Back in January I didn’t set myself a “miles cycled” target.  Then (and indeed now), I didn’t know how much chance I’d get to get the bike out of the shed and ride.  Truth is, in the absence of a target I’ve been pretty lax, I think.

To stave off the guilt, I did open the shed yesterday.  My OH and I had a leisurely schlep to Hollingworth Lake before I went to pick up Number One Son who was staying with us in advance of his trip to Stamford Bridge today.  Yes Les, Stamford Bridge.  I advised him to take his camera as it might be the only trip there he ever makes, unless Man U secure the Premiership before the Chelsea away match some season soon! 😉

Our little Lake cycle took me past 100 miles cycled for the year.  This is a good thing 🙂  But in truth I’m still disappointed at my progress so far 🙁   I think I should be getting 500 miles in this year easily, so I need to pick up the pace and open that shed a lot more often.

Interestingly, I gave the Focus Fat Boy a good clean when we got home.  It’s amazing how much crap you can carry along in your chain if you over-lube it.  In most situations it’s impossible to have too much lubrication, but in terms of chains, the grit I was carrying around must have been slowing me down!  So in future, I must remember to give it a wipe after I’ve lubed it.

Anyway, here’s some evidence that I did actually go out, but looking at my famous pot belly I think a bit more time on the bike and a bit less sat outside cafes is in order!

The ride map can also be found in my MapMyRide pages.  Go on, have a shufty!  Tell ’em Phill sent you.

Any ideas how I can motivate myself to get a bit more cycling done?

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42 comments on “Finally! 100 Miles

  1. @ridingthemoor

    Come on Phill, you must try harder! You’ve got lights on your bike, go out on an evening ride and come back in the dark, or now the mornings are getting lighter go for a ride then.

    I challenge you to do 100 miles in June!

  2. Phill

    OK chaps, I shall consider my bottom kicked. And consequently I’ll get my bloody gear on a stop fannying about.

    100 miles in June, that’s the kind of challenge I needed Riding. I’ll do it. I’ll stick a little box in the widget just up there at the top of the page at the end of this month and track how I do, so you can kick my backside again if I’m slacking.

    p.s. Steve, I like pondering! I just need to stop doing it after a while and get on my flippin bike. 😉

  3. Phill

    It was all just a ruse o get you to commit. Not really. But yes, you have to do it too, now 😉

  4. Toddy Rigg

    Try 100 miles in a day , its very achievable.

    Most Id done was manchester and back from rochdale before cycling from Rushden in Northants to romania, yes Romania !!
    It took us 16 days.

    1500 miles in 16 days.

    The most we did in a day 134, and we average 20mph on the last 25 miles.

    The first day was 114 miles !!!

    when your head round it its easy as its only 25 miles 4 times.

  5. Toddy Rigg

    For the record , we were so fit when we got back we thought we d do the Manchester Blackpool thing for a laugh , cycled to manchester from Rochdale, then to Blackpool and then back home again !!

    For the record the bike is hung up in the garage where it has been since I returned 2 years ago.

    Altho Im doing an easy Lands End John o Groats next year

  6. Phill

    Yep, yepyepyep! Not sorted out the link to your site yet due to my crap html skills, but got the ticker up there!

  7. Phill

    Jon, NOW it does 😉

    Joby, for what it’s worth, yes. But no taking the p*ss when you’ve clocked it up after a week. Maybe we should specify leisure miles. On a mountain bike. In Rochdale 😉

  8. @ridingthemoor

    Phill, I don’t know what you’re talking about! I never forget to put the http:// at the beginning of a URL 😉

  9. @ridingthemoor

    Toddy, I’m aiming to be able to do 100 miles in a day, its getting there. Before xmas I was doing 5 miles per ride!

  10. Phill

    Jon, no I know you don’t, not for long anyway!

    Toddy, an easy Lands End to John O’Groats? Does not compute. But I take your point about 25 miles 4 times. I usually run out of time long before energy. I do a 10-mile loop a lot and get back home wishing I had time to go again. I should just go again and be late home. Problem solved. One of those a week and I’m laughing for the Jon June 100 Mile Challenge.

  11. @JobySp

    Leisure miles is fine as I’m in Newquay for one of those weeks and will spend a whole day on the bike :p

  12. @JobySp

    Football tonight – sorry – although I do run about 100 miles because the rest of the team are lazy shysters

  13. @ridingthemoor

    that’s fine.. it’s two weeks until June starts.

    I’ve got a corker lined up already for this week. Up over RMR to Crag Quarry, back along Edenfield Rd, down Ashy Valley to home. 17 miles.

  14. Phill

    Nice ride that. Let me know how Cragg Quarry is now, take some photees, I want to get N1S up there this summer.

    And Joby, seriously, it starts in June so give us a hand!

  15. jobysp

    if you did road biking Id come out at night for a ride and get 30 miles in for you no problem.

  16. Lost

    Joby: the manchester 100 takes you out of greater manchester and into cheshire so you can’t use that route 😉

    Well, just to rub it in with all of you, I’m off out for a lovely ride in a bit.

  17. Phill

    Sounds peachy, Lost, I’m stuck in waiting for N1S to get back from Stamford Bridge! There’s always tomorrow for a warm-up though… or Wednesday…

  18. Lost

    Twas a great ride tonight – had plenty ‘o’ frustrations to vent and vent they did.

    To rub it in even more I’ll be riding both those days too 😉

    Hope the son enjoyed it down there.

  19. Les

    Phill thanx for ure nice kind words about me lol

    Did N1S enjoy his trip to the home of the Champions 🙂

  20. Clive Chapman

    One of my favourite sayings Phill (or corny cliche depending on your pov) is – “whether you say you can, or whether say you can’t, you’re probably right.” Henry Ford I think coined that one. 100 miles? Can you or can’t you? 😉

  21. Phill

    Les, You’re welcome 🙂 He did enjoy the day, although – and I kid you not – he was a little disappointed at your stadium for some reason! He did have a great time though, despite his team losing 1-0, so they’re only the 2nd best Year 7 team in the land! Gutted.

    Clive, I think I can! The more I think about it, the more I think I can in fact. So I’m sure I will. Henry Ford spoke sense, I hope he did well with his life (!)

  22. Les

    Well Phill I spose compared to Old Trafford its just over half the size I wont hold that against him 🙂 glad he had a great time mate

    Sorry Phill its got to be said this season Man U second best team in the land 🙂

  23. Phill

    Damn you Les! Yes, 2nd best this season. No disgrace and I’m a better loser than most footy fans. He was soooo tired this morning trying to wake up and get himself off to school, bless him.

  24. Les

    Didn’t realise ure son played against Whitgift school Keir told me on the phone this morning he read about it in the MEN, some of there players go on to play proffesional football, Victor Moses formaly of crystal Palace now at Wigan,had a scholarship there. Steve Kember former Palace and Chelsea player works there as a football coach. Surrey CC play one of there county matches there. It is a posh school and before you ask obviously I didn’t go there lol.
    So to get beaten 1-0 by them is dissapointing I know, but they have the pick of the best players.
    Congratulations to N1S -)

  25. Phill

    Hi Les, N1S was there as a supporter not a player, but his friends did brilliantly to achieve what they did. They were gutted but as I said, 2nd in the country is still very impressive!

  26. Les

    Second in the country is very impressive and something to be proud of mate

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