The #June100 Awards

I Did Promise, Didn’t I?

Those with elephantine memories will recall that I (sort of) promised prizes for performance in the June100 challenge.  I’d quite happily let it slide, but the problem with publishing stuff is that people can remind you what you said.

The June100 was free to enter, a characteristic which meant two things:

  1. There’s no money for prizes, and
  2. There’s no money for prizes.

So in the best tradtitions of the internet, here are the virtual prizes….

And The Winners Are:

In case you were wondering, the Mutton Bird has the furthest annual migrationary flight of any bird.  In a figure-of-eight circumnavigation of the Pacific, it covers around 74,000 km (45,954 miles) in an average year.  Give or take.  John Berry has the furthest June 2010 leisure mileage of any man and thus he wins the Mutton Bird TShirt.

The other two shirts should be self-explanatory.

Special Awards:

My personal Special Awards are given, fairly arbitrarily, as follows:

  1. Carrie Foster, for using the June100 challenge to actually motivate her to ride less.  The weirdo.
  2. Rafe Forgot, for attempting to cover the 100 miles in just over a week despite not being allowed on his bike until the 18th on account of sawing his own thumb off.  He only failed due to mechanical failure.  Of his bike, not his half-a-thumb.
  3. Clive Chapman, for only recording his off-road Mountain Biking miles and still smashing the target, despite logging impressive (non-qualifying, demoralising) commuting miles.

You three get individual hugs from me.  Except Clive, who doesn’t do hugging.

Onwards And Upwards!

You probably know that the July150 Challenge has already started, so if you haven’t already signed up, do so this instant.  Follow the #July150 hashtag on twitter too.

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21 comments on “The #June100 Awards

  1. Lost

    Whoop whoop those good people! 😉

    I’ll be expecting the results to be very similar for the July150 too, lol

  2. Lisa "Tortoise" Millar

    Slow and steady wins the race. Huh?

    Did I get the booby prize for coming last?!

  3. Phill

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised Lost, especially given that John’s already said he’s aiming for 1,000 again! The nutter. I might in line for the tortoise though! 😉

  4. Phill

    Lisa, the Booby is an entirely different bird. 🙂 It’s all about doing to 100 and you did it, so you win!

  5. Clive Chapman

    You’re dead right Phill, I don’t do hugs, so a manly handshake and gentlemanly type pat on the back will suffice thankyou very much.

    Unless I get a kiss instead… 😉

    Oh and kudos to you for organising the whole thing! Very well done sir! 🙂

  6. Phill

    Cheers Clive, no tongues though. I used to hate when my Gran did that. One manly handshake it is!

  7. Phill

    Clive, No, her teeth would sometimes get caught though.

    Carrie, sounds like a plan. Then you can get fit again later, it’ll be like having a hobby. it’s a tremendously popular hobby, I believe. I’ll get the cakes…

  8. John Berry

    Ohhh thxs…I win a prize….ohhhh ….ohhhhh

    Can I do a big speech…

    I would like to thank…

    My mum…
    My dad…
    My sister…
    My wife…
    My daughter…
    My son…
    My dog…
    My wifey’s cats
    The neighbours…
    Wiltshire county council…
    The Queen..
    All my friends…

    Lets see if I can do better this month 🙂

  9. Phill

    …and you forgot to thank Clive’s & my Grannies. Brilliant mileage though, you nutter.

  10. Lost

    You’re not gonna do better cos I’m gonna stick sticks in your spokes and push you off into verges and…..and…..and…..oh, sod it, I can’t be arsed. Win, boy, win! 😉

  11. John Berry

    Ohhhh…And I am going to do better on heavier bikes with bigger tyres….

    Just in case you didn’t know….I have broken my road bike 🙁

    It has a big crack in the frame…

    But when I get it back I will be sooooo much stronger 🙂

  12. LTMWB

    John the legend Berry:
    Realy not surprised you have broken your frame You do a years mileage in a week mate, get well soon your frame.

    Well done on doing your 100 mountain biking

    Well done for organising the June 100

  13. @phillconnell

    These enduro cyclists, eh? RoboRed has broke his ankle, John B has broke his bike. Bear is right though, most of us won’t be doing 1,000 miles this YEAR, let alone month, you nutter.

    Thanks a lot Bear!

  14. carrie

    a thousand mile month? I wish I could. I want to cycle down to Bognor for a nostalgic visit then ride home.

  15. LTMWB

    Carrie: Are you John the Legend Berry in disguise

    Phill: LTMWB is here to please I can be hired for bar mitzvah or any other entertainment, if want your party to go with a swing this Bear will dance for cash only no cheques.

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