No Hills To Hebden Bridge #July150 Ride

The weather was lovely on Saturday and I was on my fortnightly commitment-free Saturday, so I sat down and tried to map a ride I could take instead of my autopilot Hollingworth Lake loop.  I chose a 27 mile run along the canal to Hebden Bridge then back over Blackstone Edge, a route that would involve a 4 mile steep(ish) climb and a big descent designed to lay the ghost of not hitting 30mph yet.  I opted to leave the slicks on from last week’s Blackpool run, because (a) on roads they’d be nice and fast, and (b) I couldn’t be bothered fettling in such nice weather.

As it happens, I totally ignored the climb and took the soft option!

Cracking Canalside Capers

I headed northeast along the Rochdale Canal, until a signpost showed a diversion off for National Cycle Network Route 66, which led me up a steep little hill through the woods just outside Todmorden. As it happens, this landed me by the railway station so I dropped down back into the town centre from there and couldn’t find the canalside without turning back a couple of hundred yards.

So, I took the road from Tod to Hebden Bridge, only a little bit lost 😉  The undulations were a nice short workout, and unbeknownst to me, I hit 29.2 mph on the second descent.  Bloody 29.2 mph! 🙁 If I’d have known, I’d have booted it a little more just to hit the fabled 30 mph.  Meh. Never mind.

At the park in Hebden Bridge, I looked at my watch and decided it was time for a drink, a rest, an ice cream and a turn back homewards.

Meeting Point Rest Stop, Littleborough

I have to recommend this little place to you.  I think two ladies have put together a cracking little rest stop here.  It’s basically a portakabin by the road & canalside, with a bunch of picnic tables outside.  It’s a very welcoming little place and I believe you should support it if you’re ever in the area.  I really hope they do well.  I had my second ice cream of the day there.  I didn’t need one, but I couldn’t cycle past without stopping to say hello and ask their opening times.  I’ll take Number One Son there in future, for sure.

It’s right here.  You should go. Tell ’em Phill sent you 🙂

The route’s on MapMyRide too, if you click the linky.

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15 comments on “No Hills To Hebden Bridge #July150 Ride

  1. @JobySp

    Sooooo close!!!

    You could have easily done 30mph on Manc / Blackpool – but you’ll know for next year.

    Looks like a nice little place – if I’m free in two weeks, is that where your taking me?

  2. carrie

    30? get yersel down the Ryals, think the most I’ve managed is about 50 down there.

  3. Phill

    Joby I can think of worse runs, that might be a goer, and maybe we could do Blackstone Edge then too, you can pull me up the 4 mile climb. I couldn’t clock speeds on Mcr-Bpool but next year I might have a better tracker.
    Carrie, I’ll get there soon. If only I’d known, I didn’t feel at all like I was cruising in the high 20s to be honest. Gah.

  4. @JobySp

    I’ll take you up anywhere mate – ROFL!!

    Blackstone Edge it is, as long as my bike can get up there (ie: not crappy gravel paths)

  5. @phillconnell

    We can take the roads instead. Same route basically but on road instead of towpaths. Then up Cragg Rd to top of BStone E and big fall back to Lboro. 27 miles around from mine, so add your “commute” 🙂

  6. @JobySp

    Cool – pencil me in then. Am up for that – will be a nice 60 miles or so for me.

  7. @ridingthemoor

    I’ve had my mountain bike upto 43mph on the descent from Blackstone Edge down to Baitings Dam. More would be possible dropping down to Littleborough.

    Phill, how long did it take you? I’ve plotted a 32 mile ride for tomorrow that does the same as yours but from my house and back via Bacup and Edenfield.

  8. @phillconnell

    To be fair Jon, flippin’ ages. Was a bit tired bu that run took me from 2.15 til 5.40 with two half hour stops and a 10 minute one for photos.
    On the MTB, I reckon average 9mph anywhere I go, plus 15 minutes an hour (every 9 miles) arseing about. I do arse about more than m,ost though, messing with cameras, testing sugars, eating etc… Hope that helps 🙂

  9. @ridingthemoor

    that helps,ta. what i’m going to do is im going to cycle up to stoodley pike from the canal and then back the way I came. 2 – 2.5 hours

  10. LTMWB

    Well done shame about 30mph 🙁

    Seems like you Joby need to mail each other,
    “take you up anywhere” “pencil me in” some things are best discussed in private lol

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