Target Update – Not Great News

Time for Some Honesty

At the beginning of 2010, I wrote a post which aroused a fair bit of interest.  In it, I said I was going to train and complete the Great Manchester Run this weekend.  Well, to cut a long story short, I’m not running.

I broke a rib earlier this year and missed 5 weeks of running.  After the 5 week break I realised that I wasn’t going to get fit enough to do 10km this Sunday, so I’ve bottled.  The only silver lining is that I’ve raised an extra £20 for Mum’s hospice by selling the ticket on.

So there you go. I’m not proud, but I know I can’t run 10k on Sunday so I’m not going to try.  Running’s never been my forte so I think I should stick to the bike from now on.  I won’t belittle my fail, it’s a big one.

Back To The Bike

Number One Son did his distance running PE lesson on Thursday, so his little legs were aching over the weekend.  Nevertheless, we headed out for a ride.  All I can say is that exactly 10 miles later I was very proud of his efforts.  We used almost all the gears but he didn’t stop once (except for our tea break and a pee).  Top riding, sunshine. 🙂

Our Weekend Bike Ride

Nice loop around Hollingworth Lake and through Milnrow.

i-gotU @trip GPS Device

I bought Number One Son the i-gotU device for his birthday and this was its first trip in anger.  I have to say I was well impressed.  It’s a simple little GPS point marker but it also allows you to waymark points where you take photos, to load those photos to a page on the @-trip website when you load up the track data.

The beauty is in the @trip software that comes with the device, and the web page where your trails are stored.  He can now save his trails, share them with his mates and show off accordingly.  We have a little learning to do but on first impressions I’m impressed.  Check out his first tracked ride here.  Sorry about all the bogus photo points: it was in his pocket – must sort out that mount properly…  The 3D view is great if you’re 12!

I might head out to get those final 1.8 miles towards the 100 mile marker tonight.  Fingers crossed…

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7 comments on “Target Update – Not Great News

  1. Lost

    Hey don’t worry too much bout not running sunday. You’ve recognised you wouldn’t be able to do it and that’s a big thing to do. Your mom would be proud of your achievements to date regardless, and you’re cycling is coming on in leaps and bounds.

    Don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s not a big fail. It’s you realising that occasionally life gets in the way and plays tricks on us now and then. There’ll be other opportunities to raise funds.

  2. Phill

    Bless you Lost. I guess I just need to “get back on the bike” so to speak. Yeah, Mum would’ve been ok with it 🙂

    If I’d got myself together, I could’ve pushed to do the Over The Edge ride this Sunday instead but I’ll keep going and keep bunging the funds towards Springhill little by little.

  3. JobySp

    Dude, I consider myself fit and I couldn’t run to the shops never mind 10k! Keep up with the cycling and concentrate on next years 10k run.

  4. Phill

    Cheers. I’m not a runner, built more for cycling with my little legs. I like that when you stop pedalling, the bike carries on a bit, whereas when you stop running, you just stop. There’s no bloody let-up, how do these people get a rest??! 😉

    I’ll keep fit somehow and I’ll keep raising the money. Which reminds me, must stick my mate’s £20 on the JustGiving page….

  5. Clive Chapman

    It’s not a fail, it’s a recognition of current abilities is all. And kudos to you for recognising it.

  6. Lee Cunningham

    Respect. As you know Phill I’m a 3x a week runner and I didn’t make it either due to chronic knee hissy fits. Remember we can never outgrow the limits which you place upon yourself, we can ONLY set new limits whithin which we must live.

  7. Phill

    Very true Lee – although our knees sometimes set limits too, within which we must live whilst wincing slightly! I’ve now entered the Manchester to Blackpool ride officially, and committed to a 100 mile Jon June Challenge which will help the training. The £500 for Springhill Hospice should be achieveable with a bit of a push.

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