Cycling Kit Haul

Yesterday, Joby stuck a big Aldi advert on his blog which saved me a fortune.

I’ve read a few blogs by the ladies where there are regular posts following uncontrolled shopping expeditions.  These “Haul” entries seem to exist primarily to ease the inevitable feelings of post-purchase dissonance and to garner positive reinforcement of ill-considered decisions from internet friends…

.. so I thought “Brilliant! I’m going to do one of those!“.

My Aldi Haul.

After picking up my little girl from school, I reminded myself where Aldi was (I get them and Lidl mixed up all the time) and dragged her along as my unwilling accomplice.  This is what I got:

That little lot cost me £33.00 !  How’s that for a bargain?  Not bad considering, as has been pointed out, that a new top at Evans is about £40.00.

I’m chuffed.  I suggest you get down to your nearest Aldi and see if there’s anything decent left, this instant. Tell ’em Phill sent you! 🙂

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12 comments on “Cycling Kit Haul

  1. Phill

    Ooh you see, that’s why the girlies do these blogs. Now if we ever go riding together (I await Joby’s inappropriate response) we’ll have to do an outfit-check by phone first.

    Damn. You well-dressed b*stard.

  2. Les

    Snap I went there yesterday got mitts, sports glasses well that wot the box said and ultra light weight cycling jacket

    as you said result

  3. Phill

    Glad to see we’re not all brand poseurs. Nice to be in the company of fellow cheapskates 🙂

  4. Lost

    And there’s me riding with my £75 shorts, £50 jersey, £80 shoes and £125 helmet. I don’t know if I want to be associated with you cheapskates now 😉

    Heh heh, I find pro-team kit fits me best, so I’m happy to pay for it all. I do pimp my bike a bit too – bottle cages to match the decals, bottles to match team edition helmet, carbon effect bar tape that matches carbon wrap seatpost – though the bar tape has been changed recently to now match the bike.

    I gotta keep the bikes good looks up – she does get a lot of people wanting her.

  5. Toby Field

    I got some bargains too. Got a track pump, some socks and a pair of mitts for my 10 year old.

  6. Phill

    Lost, that’s so incredibly flash, I’m ashamed to be in your company.
    Emma, such a shame for you to be in Florida whilst we’re grabbing bargains at Aldi in the UK, eh? EH?! 😉
    Toby, God Bless Aldi, the gloves I picked up (size S) fit my 6 year-old daughter perfectly. She’s delighted with them.

  7. JobySp

    Ahh, but with Lost – £75 for a pair of shorts… You can buy 10.71 pairs in Aldi for the same price.

    7.14 tops…

    And for her total £330… 110 (yes one hundred and ten) pairs of gloves.

  8. Phill

    Good morning Carol Vorderman 🙂

    I know people who pay £75 for a bike! And I can’t think why I might want 110 (yes one hundred and ten) pairs of gloves.

  9. Phill

    Oh yes. Of course 😉 How silly of me. Now all I need is a watch that tells me when the .318 of a day is so I can change my gloves.

    Hopefully Aldi will do one on a special sometime soon.

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