Riding Together? Whatever Next?

I’m Not Sure How To Deal With This…

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Other Half.  I love life at home. I love arriving back from work to the welcoming bosom of my family.

But there’s a slightly unnerving feeling when your OH says she wants to join you on the weekly bike ride… isn’t there?

Let me explain.

My Tuesday Night Autopilot Loop is as much a part of my weekly routine as Saturday morning lie-ins and Sunday night Match Of The Day 2.  I don’t so much compete against myself, but I do hammer it some nights in an effort to give my quads a beasting.

The solitude of the ride is a relaxing departure from the chaos and demands of normal daily life.  Come rain, shine, hail, wind, ice or snow, the routine of following a similar loop week-in-week-out gives me an enjoyable escape.

With a second rider, no matter how pretty or how scintillating the conversation, the experience will be… well… just different.

So What Am I Going To Do About It?

I’ll tell you exactly what I’m going to do.  I’m going to embrace the opportunity.  I’m going to enjoy the company.  I’m going to enjoy the experience of watching another rider’s experience increase and skills improve.  I’m going to have the sorts of conversations that only take place when two people are relaxed.

Then I’m going to find another night to go out on my own and ride fast. 😉

Are you with me?

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12 comments on “Riding Together? Whatever Next?

  1. Neil Harwood

    Embrace the riding together mate; I guess it would have taken a lot of courage for her to want to come with you. Happy riding mate 🙂

  2. Phill

    You’re right of course Neil. I can cycle on my own when I want to, within reason. It’ll be great 🙂 A change is as good as a rest, don’t they say? It should refresh things for the Tuesday Night rides.

  3. dan

    Personally I enjoy riding with people far more than I enjoy riding on my todd…as you say, the conversation and the enjoyment of seeing other progress is good. But you need the balance of going out with the fast boys as well as the newbie group, otherwise your own riding will stop progressing (although you will learn to perfect the wheelie with one hand) 😀

  4. jo simcock

    Thats good to hear,I cycle with hubby sometimes and yes its different,he doesn’t go as fast and we don’t go as far,but its still nice just to share that time doing something-good on you and the missus

  5. Phill

    Dan, I seldom ride with others and as a result I don’t think my skills have improved much recently, so I think you’re dead right. Sometimes I’d like to be pushed a bit like I was when I was a kid racing BMX and tricking off the freestyle ramp I built with my schoolmates. I suppose the way for a bloke in his 40s with kids is to invest in some tuition and find regular riding buddies with skills. 🙂
    Jo, I completely agree with what you say. I do love riding with my better half. I think I just need to make I get out and push myself too.

  6. Feint Zebra

    I prefer riding in company – pushes you that little bit further – plus, if they are less experienced – it lets you show off a little 😉

    Enjoy it philllllllllllllllllllllllll

  7. Phill

    I’m right with you there 🙂 But as you’ve seen, it’s difficult to show off when you’re slow!

  8. One Loose Nut

    She thinks you’re having an affair. Playing hide the sausage every week. Tell her it’s a stupid idea and she should get her own hobbies. Then duck.

  9. ian...

    She thinks you’re having an affair. Playing hide the sausage every week. Tell her it’s a stupid idea and she should get her own hobbies.


    Then duck.

    Jolly good advice :>D

    Enjoy it Phill. I love my rides out with the Maud. As for watching X-Factor with her, well…you have to draw the line somewhere mate…bike rides are much more fun!

  10. Phill

    Ha ha! She’s safe! The only other thing I want to spend time with is my bike!
    I’m away with work (no really, I’m not having an affair!) and I’ve brought my bike with me. :0)

  11. Clive Chapman

    If you’re like me Phill, you go full on balls to the wall 100% of the time when you’re on your own. Pedalling with wifey makes me slow down and smell the coffee on a ride. I love it. The few towpath bimbles we’ve been on have been some of my favourite pedals.

  12. Phill

    I couldn’t agree more Clive, it was great to pootle along, chatting and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of autumn. There’s plenty of time for adventures and hammering the pedals when I’m out on my own.

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