Early #Oct100 #Cycling Round Up

Why So Early?

I know that October hasn’t quite finished yet.  It’s only the 31st as I write this.  But I was thinking…. it’s Monday, it’s quite warm out (in the UK at any rate) and there’s technically one more riding day until November… So maybe, just maybe, this article might push a few people out of the door tonight.

I’m also hoping that I might pressure myself into a final ride, as I’m about 16 miles short of the target for #Oct100.

How’s The #Oct100 Looking?

As at today, we’ve got 4,169 miles ridden in October by 25 cyclists, of which 3,423 was either outdoor leisure miles or time on the turbo trainer.

You can see the graph by clicking onto the Monthly Cycling Challenge page on this site and if you haven’t joined in yet, why not give it a whirl? There’s a wee form there, just fill it in to join or to ask me about it.

Worth A Mention:

Mental John Berry turned in his 10,000th mile of 2011 during the month, with over 1,000 miles in this month alone.  If that’s not worth a special mention, then what the hell is?

End Note

If you think you can, just pull the bike out, check it works and get on it.  You might only get round the block, you might notch up a 100 mile day like Mental John does some days.  But I promise you this: you will enjoy yourself.

Just get the bike out and ride it...

Get Your Bike Out.

So just do it. Tell ’em Phill sent you.

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7 comments on “Early #Oct100 #Cycling Round Up

  1. John Berry

    Mental!!!! I aint Mental 🙂

    But thank you for the mention 🙂

    I think that may well be my final monthly 1000 until next March/April…I hate the dark nights ;-(

  2. jo_simcock

    I don’t think its humanly possible for me to a 100miles in 1 day on my bike tbh but hats off to you john thats some riding you’ve done there!!!! well done to everyone!

  3. Phill

    No, John, you aren’t mental *pats John on head patronisingly. It is a shame the nights are so dark, I still have no idea what benefit declaring winter on us with a time change brings if I’m totally honest.

    Jo, the miles you clock up so consistently are an inspiration to me. So amazingly consistent.

    By way of an update – I did complete my 100 for October last night so I’m chuffed to bits. When I got back, I felt “gym tired” as I decided to call it: it was a really good workout trying to squeeze 15 miles into a quick break whilst ther rest of the family was out trick-or-treating. 🙂

  4. jo simcock

    see I feel that about everyone else,you’re all very inspiring!and fanks.Really glad you got a lot out of that last ride,you weren’t half faffing about it 😀

  5. Phill

    I think it’s good that we all push each other on, and it was a great ride thanks! Some nights it’s not that easy to get out, but it’s always worth it 🙂

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