Pfffffft! Blame The Almighty.

Ever Had One Of Those Days?

On Sunday I awoke from a short night’s sleep nursing a headache that I’d paid for.  I’m not one to complain about hangovers so I won’t: I’ve got better things to moan about today.

We went to Mass on Sunday morning.  It was parade day so off we went, and I even got mentioned (briefly) in the sermon.  It’s not a good thing.  The Vicar mentioned me because he needed an example of somebody he didn’t know in the Church!  At this point I should point out that I’m not actually C of E: I should really be in the Church on the other side of the road.  Anyway, my point is that a little Sunday Worship should really stand you in good stead for a good day, shouldn’t it?

Lost Tools

When we were at Gisburn the other weekend, I noticed that my tool pouch wasn’t on my bike.  I’d assumed that it was either in the shed or the car, but yesterday I checked and no; it was missing.  This is an important detail.  I made a mental note to buy a new one this week, before my son and I headed out for a quick ride before tea.

Lost Time

We’d got about 3 miles.  We were talking about how good the new surface on the canal towpath was.  It’s a combination of bitumen and pea gravel.  Some of the pea gravel has been split by the whacker (Technical Term: A “whacker” is a pneumatic device for squashing aggregate surfacing into place), leaving a number of fine rock shards.  You know what happens next don’t you?

Yep.  That unmistakable sound. “pffffffftt!“, followed by “Dad, you’ve got a flat.”  Bugger.

Lost Temper

Well, not quite.  At that moment, the rain subsided (did I mention that it had started raining as we’d set out? No? Well, it flippin’ had), the sun shone through and we were treated to a gorgeous rainbow as I grumpily dismounted and knelt down to extract the stone shard from my Racing Ralph.  This rainbow stopped me losing my rag, in addition to the puncture repair kit I’d already lost.

We resolved to walk it up to Hollingworth Lake for a cuppa, make a phone call and await our fair rescuers.  So that’s what we did.  I have to be brutally honest and say that it was nice to get out, clear the cobwebs and have an experience with my son.

I didn’t even mention the random guy with the “Always Rejoicing” badge who emerged from the pub at Hollingworth Lake to hug me, tell that he loved me and comment on my pot belly, did I?  Well, I’m not going to mention him, other than to say I wasn’t rejoicing with him, as I pushed my bike towards my tea and rescue stop.  The random, drunken, joyful idiot.

Anyone know which multi-tool and puncture kit I should buy?  It must have tools for a day’s trail riding and be small enough to strap to my headset.  Suggestions welcome. 🙂

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11 comments on “Pfffffft! Blame The Almighty.

  1. Lost

    So long as it has a range of allen keys and a flat/cross blade screwdriver type thing, any mini tool should be ok. Mine is a teeny tiny mini 6 – measures approx 2inches in length when folded up. Specialized do em, park do too.
    I go for glueless puncture repair kit, again by park – 6 instant patches with a bit of sandpaper all in a 1 inch square container that’s 5mm deep.

    Both things fit into my uber small scicon saddlebag which only has room for 1 tube in there with the 2 afore-mentioned tools, so you can see they’re rather wee in size.

  2. Les

    Don’t know bout wot tool kits Phill, but I do know that Slime Tyre Sealant works an absolute treat if u get a puncture, the weekend before last when I dun my 22 miler I got a puncture after 9 miles but this Slime malarky sealed my puncture and I completed 13 more miles and the tyre was still up when I got home. This stuff is highly recommended in my book mate.

  3. Phill

    Lost, Thanks for that, I’ll have a look around.
    Les, I remember reading about that mate. I’ve not used it because I’ve heard it adds weight and can make your wheels a bit wobbly (off-centre) but I wouldn’t have cared on Sunday!

    Thanks for the advice you lot.

  4. Crimmey

    PARK SUPER PATCHES. They are the only puncture repair stuff that I have got to work and I have tried zillions!

  5. Lost

    The tyre slime/sludge stuff does add weight, but as you say, there’re times when additional weight is neither here nor there.

    Park are probably the best bike tool peeps around.

  6. Phill

    Thanks everyone, I’ve got myself a multitool from Asda (£9, bargain I tell you) which has a puncture kit included. But I couldn’t resist a little online shop so I spent £3 on the Park Super Patches that Crimmey recommended and Lost reinforced. With the miles he puts in, he should know what works. I’ll stuff those into the tool pouch too for on-the-trail repairs.

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