Friday Ride Damned By Diabetes

The Best Laid Plans…

Yesterday someone told me off a bit for not using my bike more.  It got me thinking about how I could use my bike more.  “How can I use my bike more?“, I thought.  On four days a week, I wear a suit for work.  I’m also fortunate enough to have funding towards my car from my wonderful employers, so if I was to ride to work questions would rightly be asked.  However there’s nothing to stop me going out for a quick ride in my lunch break on Fridays, the one day each week when we dress down.

So, I resolved that today would be the first day of the rest of my life.  I’d put the bike in my car this morning, along with a change of clothes.  At lunchtime I would simply get changed into my bike gear, get on my trusty Fat Boy, head away from work for 15 minutes, then head back, get changed back into my casual work gear and get back to my desk.

But of course it never happened.  Kids’ homework, getting ready, sorting out breakfast and other things conspired to make it impossible to get the bike plus change of clothes packed in time.  So here I am at my desk.

Ruddy Diabetes

On top of that, my blood sugars dropped to coincide with lunchtime today.  This hypo meant that I’ve been sat through my lunch break, staring through pinholes in a cold sweat and avoiding talking gibberish to anyone whilst my unusual lunch (below) took effect and put me right again.

My Hypo Lunch

Tip To Cure Hypo: Eat Everything Here, Right Now. I Said Now.

So maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t get the bike in the car.  I would have checked my sugars before setting off, but if I hadn’t been careful, the hypo whilst I was out riding would have been bad news.  Maybe the Gods of Cycling were smiling down on me, really.

Every cloud, and all that.

So…. Next Week…

… I plan to put my bike and change of clothes into the car on Thursday night.

On Friday, I’ll ride out for 15 minutes, turn around and head back to work.  Then each week I’ll see how much further I can get.  It’s only once a week so I’ve got no excuse.  Maybe with enough time, I’ll work out a loop I can TT each week, but for the time being a simple there-and-back ride with no route will meet my needs.

And now I’ve published it here, you might ask me how far I got.  No pressure then.

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12 comments on “Friday Ride Damned By Diabetes

  1. JobySp

    What a cracking idea Gromit – glad your actually considering it!

    Glad the cycling gods where looking down on you today though!

  2. Phill

    I felt guilty about not getting the bike in today, so if I can keep my little Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder for a week I’ll be ON for next Friday. It’s a great idea.
    The hypo’s done now, a couple of chocolate-medicine infusions later!

  3. Phill

    Thanks Clive. It’s easier to write about than to actually get away from my desk and do, but it’s a good idea and will give my legs a much-needed stretch during the week.
    Footy on a Wednesday just doesn’t cut it on it’s own.

  4. carrie

    bike bike bike..:) any miles in the legs does you good, sometimes though your body says no, take it from me the suppurating crotch wife.

  5. Phill

    Such a lovely way with words… and a lingering mental image. Thanks so much for that!

    No bloody riding tomorrow either: BBQ planned.

  6. carrie

    I’m exaggerating. It was just a bit sore and the thong wasn’t real lace, just faux. 😉

  7. Les

    Realy glad the cycling Gods were against you mate, I am sure next week you and ure “Fat Boy” will av a great time together

    Anyway I don’t want anything happening to you mate coz everyone will stop feeling sorry for me lol

  8. Phill

    Carrie, oooh that faux stuff’s terrible with saddle-soreness…. did I say that out loud?
    Les, you made me laugh there. You milk it for all it’s worth son, I’ve got no excuse apart from aching bones but getting on the bike is more about fighting them off than anything. Just get some elbow pads ordered to go with your shiny helmet!

  9. Les

    Phil I did lol wen I read ure comments mate, Praps armour mite b better if I meet that tosser again, then I can run him through wiv my sword

  10. Toby Field

    Sorry to hear that diabetes spoiled your plans for a ride.

    Why can’t you ride to work Monday to Thursday? Many colleagues of mine that have a car provided for work still ride their bikes into work. However, if they need there car for work on a particular day they just leave the bike at home. I doubt there is a requirement that you have to use it everyday including your commute.

    Hope it doesn’t sound like I’m having a go, just giving you more possibilities to ride.

  11. Phill

    You’re right of course Toby, but it would be frowned upon for sure. I think it’ll have to be Fridays alone unfortunately.

    But on the plu side, these lighter evenings mean I can get a better ride after tea some nights anyway, without the bother of changing clothes, remembering work gear and fretting about if I’ll need to go out for a meeting!

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