I Had A Dream …

Sometimes I love having diabetes.

There’s a mental twilight between sleeping and waking when your blood sugar is running very low.  It’s a time when your internal alarm bells are ringing, when your body knows something’s wrong, but the primeval signals don’t work because your internal system’s messed up by the drugs you’re taking to keep your broken system ticking along.

Sometimes I love that time.  I have the trippiest dreams 🙂

Did I tell you about my dream last night? No?

Well, I was involved in a revolution.  I was blasting the Houses of Parliament with heavy artillery.  I was on a rooftop overlooking the building, probably utilising an easily-defended vantage point on Westminster Abbey if I’m honest.

It was a dark, artificially-lit night and traffic was light.  Weirdly, I don’t remember seeing Big Ben or I’m sure I’d remember what time it was.  My weapon was glowing red at the muzzle, about ten feet in front of my position at the shielded trigger.  I wasn’t using the sight, I was just strafing the building; yellow trails cutting through the cold London air as glass and brick jumped back towards the trail my bullets carved.

This scene faded… my internal feeling of satisfaction told me I’d achieved my aim.

Later,  I was inside the main Chamber of the House, justifying my actions along with my co-conspirators.  Oddly, the building seemed intact from the inside, with the familiar surroundings I’ve seen so many times on the news.  I had a position on the right side of the House as you look towards the Speaker’s chair.

I was holding my own in the face of some fairly aggressive debate, but then the half-scouse, half-manc accent that identifies a resident of St Helens rose from the seats near the Speaker on my own side of the House.

It was Johnny Vegas.  He was clearly blaming me for the whole revolution idea.  I suspect he feared reprisals and was distancing himself in the event of an eventual failure.

I hate that Johnny Vegas.

I love trippy low-blood-sugar induced dreams though.


I ate half an aero from my bedside drawer when I woke up, then showered and got on with the day. Nothing to see here folks, I’m ok. 🙂

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4 comments on “I Had A Dream …

  1. gary walder

    Hi Phil,

    Great dream and one that I’m sure a lot of people in the UK would empathise with. This is especially true if you’re a cyclist or some other person with an interest in outdoor recreation in woodland. Perhaps this was you displaying a subconscious reaction to the proposed sell-off? Fortunately, you didn’t have to strafe the Houses of Parliament in reality, although I’m sure that would have been a good alternative had not people power worked first.

    Don’t know about Johnny Vegas though. That’s just plain weird!!!!

  2. Phill

    I think the forestry cock-up and the situation with potential revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East may have sparked it.

    I don’t know about Johnny Vegas either, I never had him down for an establishmentalist…!

  3. SiBryant

    Great post Phill!

    I must admit that even though I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes just over 6 years ago now I still know very little and take all the different pills the doctors prescribe me.

    I used to think ignorance was the best approach…..

    Can’t recall any trippy dreams though! 🙂



  4. @phillconnell

    You’re not taking enough of the tablets Si! (please note, I am not a doctor) 😉

    The one thing I’ve learned from friends with Type 2 diabetes is that your need for meds changes over time, so make sure you keep in touch with your medical team. A regular check-up and a bit of exercise will work wonders.

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