On Target For Goal Number One – Almost

Yesterday I got the Good News that I’ve been selected in the ballot to run in the Great Manchester Run in May. That’ll be my first 10k in about 5 years.

However, my other half didn’t get selected: Bad News.  So, do any of you have a spare ticket already?  If you know anyone who’s planning to pick up an injury or bottle out, let me know.  We’ll both continue training so hopefully we’ll both do the run on the 16th of May.

So, this morning I’ve done another 15 minutes easy running on Week 3 of my training plan and I feel good.  I had been starting to get bored whilst running though, so a little eBay shopping last week delivered a new charging cable for my Samsung mp3 player from the land of the rising sun (£1.99 delivered, woohoo) and now I have Tunage On The Treadmill.

Don’t forget: if you know anyone who has a spare registration for the Great Manchester Run, let me know, please 🙂 Thanks!

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