First Fat Boy Ride


To quote a friend, it felt like someone had stuck a motor to my back wheel!

I arrived home on Tuesday, excited, after having left my new bike in the front room on my lunch break.  We’d had a slight interruption since my Other Half’s car had shorted itself and broken down on the way home, but thankfully her Dad had resurrected the beast and got it home, whilst I was stuck at a Golf Club setting up seminar gear.  Thank goodness for Dads.

Fitting the pedals and checking the relevant buts & bolts were all tightened up didn’t take long.  Neither did fitting the front & back blinkyflashy lights, and the front headlight torch.  At 8.45pm I was ready to go:

All dressed up and somewhere to go

All dressed up and everywhere to go!

I set off for a quick loop to test him out.  Into Milnrow the  road’s pretty flat, even slightly downhill, so that part was easy.  My quads burned a little so I pulled the seat up an inch: sorted.

I would never, ever, have thought about climbing Kiln Lane on my old Haro.  The foolhardy part of me said “go on son, you can do it” so I turned left and went for it.  Foolhardy is the word!  There’s no way on God’s good Earth that I’m climbing that hill at the moment, but I did get a lot higher than I ever have before!  What a bike.  It felt wonderful going up that steep hill.

Along Wildhouse Lane I played with the gears, which had been set up perfectly by either Focus or the people at Wiggle.  Whoever it was, thank you.  A quick burst alongside Hollingworth Lake admiring the light playing along the water, before descending down to the canal and I was a happy chappy.

Back along the canalside was, erm, interesting.  It was pitch black and although the new front light meant I could see ahead, I couldn’t quite pick out the half-completed surface that I’m paying for through my Sustrans subscription!  Some was finished (which was lovely to ride on); some was untouched (which was ok but muddy); some was partially done (which was like riding through treacle).  After a mile of alternating mud, smooth and treacle, the surface got a bit more predictable.  The canal was freezing over and the sound of my new Schwalbe Racing Ralphs crunching through ice-covered puddles was music to my ears.

What a ride.  I love my new bike!

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14 comments on “First Fat Boy Ride

  1. rooleymoor

    Perhaps change the title of your post.. sounds a bit erm, gay. 🙂

    Be cautious about the canal towpath, there’s patches where it looks like it’s going to collapse into the canal.

    How far did you ride?

  2. Phill

    Yes I’ve noticed the subsidence. Some of the massive stones shoring up the path have gone. I hope it gets sorted. I don’t want to end crashing into the canal – that bike cost a fortune 😉

    It was only 6 and a bit miles, that loop. Had to leave enough time for a brew before bed!

    I’m secure enough in my sexuality to leave my gay post title intact, I think, Finbarr.

  3. Joby

    I can’t believe I never picked up on the sexual tone of your post title – just think of all the fun I could have had…

    The only reason your riding fat boys is because you don’t get out on your bike enough to higher your standards 😉

    Am looking at getting a MB – Rooley has pointed a nice one out at the same time I was reading the spec on Wiggle – just need to sell my road bike to fund.

  4. rooleymoor

    First proper offroader of 2010 tonight. Off over RMR to Cowpe and then back on the road, erm. OK nearly all of the first half is off road (the hard bit!)

  5. Phill

    Hope you get sorted Joby, it’s brilliant fun and pretty well unrestricted. Not as fast as roadie riding but not as limited either. If I was commuting I’d go roadie, but for family fun and larking about in dark, muddy evenings you can’t beat an MTB.

  6. slimdon

    Sounds great ! love it when i get out on my bike ya cant beat it ! Enjoy your new bike.

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